0x Protocol and ZRX Cryptocurrency

0x Protocol and ZRX Cryptocurrency

0x Protocol and ZRX Cryptocurrency


Tokenization around the world is gaining momentum. Today, new protocols, and tokens appear literally every day. Not all of them are successful, but some are really interesting for developers and crypto-enthusiasts.

The 0x protocol and its associated cryptocurrency ZRX can rightfully be considered a success.


Protocol 0x

The 0x protocol was developed for the Ethereum ecosystem in 2016 and is designed to organize the DeFi exchange, buying and selling of ERC20 format tokens. Its main goal is to remove the inconveniences associated with the lack of liquidity of tokens and simplify their exchange.

The protocol allows you to create your own DApps, including for exchanges and cryptocurrency exchanges.


The main features of 0x


Powered by Ethereum blockchain smart contracts

Full decentralization, which increases security and reduces the risk of hacking sites and losing tokens to users.

Order generation in a peer-to-peer (p2p) network

Processing transactions outside the blockchain, recording blocks only when paying, which avoids the accumulation of commissions and significantly reduces transaction time.

The open source project provides developers with all the necessary functions for integration in the API. The software is distributed completely free of charge and is available at the official website: https://0x.org.

One of the 0x tools is the ZRX token associated with the protocol.


0X token price — ZRX token

The name of the protocol and token (Zero exchange) reflects the basic idea of a zero commission exchange.

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This has a positive effect on the 0X token price. Because the exchange operation is carried out in a p2p network, without the involvement of an intermediary (an exchanger, a centralized exchange platform), the commission was actually reduced to a minimum.

In fact, transaction participants pay only for GAS — payment processing services of verifiers (repeaters). A ZRX token was created for this payment. As an alternative option for investing, you can consider MDEX price prediction.


Transaction participants include:

  • The Maker, who pays the fee.
  • Taker, who accepts the payment.
  • Relayers — Participants who act as verifiers, checking, and processing transactions. Their services are paid for by tokens withheld as a commission from the sender.

ZRX was issued using a pre-mining mechanism — all tokens (1 billion) were generated. Part of them (500 million) went into free circulation during the ICO; the rest was distributed among the founders, founders, developers and large investors (15, 15, 10 and 10% respectively).



The current state of the 0x protocol, trends in its development and attitudes towards cryptocurrencies in general can present some challenges for ZRX holders:

  • Using the protocol to build decentralized exchange sites that don’t require user verification or even registration could lead to sanctions from regulators, particularly the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
  • Operating 0ics exclusively on the Ethereum network and only with ERC20 tokens could prove a dead end if a more functional blockchain platform emerges or DeFi competitors implement plans to cover other ecosystems as well.

    For example, Bancor is just as effective at solving token liquidity issues, provides more options, and has already implemented work in EOS and exchanges between that platform and Ethereum.


0X price prediction outlook


Owners and those wishing to make money from 0X price predictions have attractive prospects:

  • The further development of the Ethereum ecosystem, the emergence of new tokens and the need to exchange them entails an increased demand for 0x protocol applications and, consequently, cryptocurrency.
  • The limited supply also contributes to the growth of the token exchange rate.

No less interesting is the possibility to vote with tokens for the further development of the project, allowing users to support the most promising and profitable areas.

Participation of large investors, such as Pantera Capital, Polychain Capital, Blockchain Capital, Jen Advisors, FBGCapital, whose interest in the project was clearly manifested at the ICO stage, will also support the demand.

As an alternative, take a closer look at the MDEX token price — it is an interesting asset with a good growth prospect.

In general, ZRX holders can expect further growth in the number of transactions using the 0x protocol, and consequently an increase in verifier fees and token value growth in the long term.




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