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Brooklyn Real Estate Lawyers

What are real estate lawyers you’re probably thinking and what make them different from regular lawyered you’d say.

Real estate lawyers are Lawyers with over 15 years of experience work at the Legal Center .

Thanks to the colossal practical experience and knowledge of all the nuances of the legislation, in respect to real estate, the specialists of the Legal Center “Garant” will analyze the situation, eliminate potential risks and make all the necessary efforts to effectively solve a problem of any complexity.

Our Real Estate Lawyer Brooklyn ready to assist:

When carrying out transactions with apartments in a new building and in the secondary market,

  • The risk is assessed based on the verification of both the seller (including the developer) and the buyer.
  • We will accompany during the process of buying real estate according to the DDU.
  • Assess the activities of the insurance organization, title insurance.
  • Help you to draw up a contract of exchange, donation and purchase and sale;

In the aspect of land transactions

  • There will be collection and preparation of a complete list of documentation for the transaction, registration of land ownership, cadastral work;

For transactions with real estate for commercial purposes within the framework of lease, purchase and sale, mortgage –

  • A standard check will be conducted, we will take on the responsibilities of renegotiating contracts with resource supplying companies
  • Assist in transferring residential premises to the status of commercial and set;

When acquiring a home ownership

  • we will accompany the transaction for the acquisition of a residential building, alienation of land and registration of rights to it with preliminary verification.
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Buying any kind of real estate by an individual or an organization always requires an individual approach.

The personal lawyer of the Legal Center “Garant” will provide full support for this procedure, checking the purchase object itself for restrictions and documents on it, as well as the powers of the parties to the contract.

It should be noted that some transactions require special procedures. For example, when making a pledge for an apartment purchased with mortgage funds, or a pledge.

This or that form of the transaction provides for its own specific approach.

For example, the conclusion of a lease agreement or transfer to operational management, as well as donation, exchange or free use has its own characteristics.

How Is The Deal Going

The procedure has a clear algorithm that must be followed in stages in order for the transaction to be successful

The First Step

To conduct an audit of the facility for legal purity.

At this stage, the lawyer will identify the presence or absence of encumbrances that may impede the transaction or lead to the fact that the Client’s rights may be violated.

One of these encumbrances is the claims of third parties, the finding of real estate under arrest or in the status of the subject of legal proceedings and prohibitions that prevent registration actions or the presence of unlawful changes made to real estate earlier.

The Second Step

To verify the parties to the transaction (seller and buyer).

Here it is necessary to find out the legal capacity of the participants and to establish whether they have the authority to dispose of property.

At this stage, consent to the transaction may be required from the spouse or a notarized statement from persons who did not take part in the privatization for the waiver of residence rights.

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The most important risk is the presence of minor owners, as in this case, the consent of the guardianship is required for the transaction.

The Third Step

The signing of an agreement and mutual settlements of the parties.

At this third stage, a personal lawyer will prepare a full package of necessary documents for concluding a purchase and sale agreement.

He will provide act of acceptance and transfer, and will also help in drafting a deposit agreement and a lease agreement for a cell in a bank.

Our experts accompany the client from the beginning of negotiations and signing of documents, as well as during the execution of a letter of credit, until the registration of rights to the purchased property.

The Fourth And Final Step

The receipt of documents and acceptance of the property.

At the final stage, the parties must sign the acceptance certificate and, depending on the purposes of the transaction, transfer or receive the rights to real estate.