Hilton Help: How Do I Get Out of My Hilton Timeshare

Hilton Help: How Do I Get Out of My Hilton Timeshare
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Hilton Help: How Do I Get Out of My Hilton Timeshare

Do you have a Hilton head timeshare that you never use? Is your Hilton timeshare costing you too much money?

Timeshares are a shared vacation product that allows you to own a part of your holiday home. Over 9 billion households in the US have owned at least one timeshare.

If you have inherited a Hilton timeshare or are no longer interested in owning one, here’s a guide with information to help you sell it.

Why Sell Your Hilton Timeshare

There are many reasons why families decide they no longer want to own a Hilton timeshare. The most common one is lack of use.

As your family gets older and your children move away, it’s less likely that you will be hosting large family vacations.

You might want to change the way you travel and your timeshare may not offer the options you need.

Maintenance costs are another reason to consider selling. Over time, the vacation property may need updates and costs may rise beyond your ability to keep up with the payments.

As timeshare owners age, they may no longer be able to travel as much as they used to. Some owners have several timeshares and would prefer to reduce their inventory.

What’s the Resale Value of My HGVC Timeshare

A Hilton Grand Vacations timeshare (HGVC) allows an owner to experience the benefits of owning a vacation home without the hassles of traditional homeownership.

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Your HGVC resale value will depend on a couple of factors, including the season your week falls in and the size and layout of your unit.

Hilton has a very flexible points system that allows an owner to visit other resorts. That option can increase the value of your timeshare.

Right of First Refusal

Your timeshare agreement with Hilton has a right of first refusal clause (ROFR). You must send them any offers you receive before you sell, allowing them to review the offer and possibly purchase it for that amount instead.

The ROFR clause is standard among well-known properties. It allows them to preserve the value of their assets.

Instead of allowing the timeshare to sell at a low price on the open market, Hilton can buy it and hold it for resale at a higher value. That protects the value for all of the other owners of their timeshares.

External Exchanges

Some companies list timeshares for owners interested in exchanging them for a different week or location.

HGVC units have a high exchange value within the database, making it easier for you to benefit from an exchange.

Sell Your Hilton Timeshare for the Best Price

When you understand the options for selling your Hilton timeshare, you can make the best choice for your budget.

Taking the time to do the research is a good idea. It’s great when you find a dependable source of practical information.

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