How To Calculate Your GPA And Convert Your Grades


How to Calculate GPA

Each scholar ought to know the way to determine their GPA, or grade level common, on their very own. Maybe you need to know the place you stand amongst your fellow classmates, or perhaps you could fill out a brand new or switch utility for faculty.  

The components for methods to calculate your GPA provides you a greater sense of the way you’re doing at school. It additionally prepares you for whether or not you’ll probably get into your most well-liked faculty or your probabilities for transferring to a different school. 

Calculating your GPA is simple and anybody ought to have the ability to do it with out an excessive amount of problem.

What Does Your GPA Imply?

GPA stands in your Grade Level Common, and is used as an indicator of your total faculty efficiency. There are a number of various GPA scales (extra on that later), however most colleges have standardized on a 4.0 scale.

Which means somebody that received excellent grades (straight As) would have a 4.0 GPA. Your GPA is one indicator of your efficiency in lessons and could be a option to examine the efficiency of various college students.

How Do Letter Grades Convert To Percentages?

In an effort to calculate your GPA, you first have to convert the letter grades that you simply acquired into numeric values. Completely different faculties might do that in several methods, however right here is one instance:

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Calculate GPA chart

This is only one instance of methods to convert letter grades to numeric values, and there could be different methods to do it. One frequent different is to make use of 0.667 and 0.333 for plus and minus grades as an alternative of 0.7 and 0.3. 

Different faculties might not alter for pluses and minuses in any respect (that means a B+, B and B- would all rating 3.0 factors). When you’re undecided the way it’s completed at your faculty, discuss to your faculty administration.

How To Calculate Your GPA

As soon as you have calculated numeric values for the entire letter grades you have acquired, there may be one step earlier than you’ll be able to calculate your GPA. 

You should multiply the numeric worth by the full variety of credit for that exact class. That offers you quite a lot of GPA “factors” for every class. Then, you’ll be able to add up the entire GPA factors, and divide it by your complete variety of credit. That offers you your total GPA.

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GPA Calculation Instance

To higher clarify methods to calculate your GPA, let’s use a easy instance with the next grades, utilizing the grading scale from the chart above.

  • English, 3 credit, B+
  • Math, 4 credit, A-
  • Historical past, 3 credit, B
  • PE, 1 credit score, A
  • Science, 3 credit, A-
  • Authorities, 2 credit, B-

First, you’ll convert every letter grade to a numeric worth, and multiply by the variety of credit to get a complete variety of GPA factors for every class.

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Dividing the full variety of GPA factors (54.2) by your complete variety of credit (16) provides the scholar on this instance a GPA of three.3875.

What About AP Courses And A 5.0 GPA?

In highschool, many faculties alter the grading scale primarily based on sure varieties of lessons. That is to account for the truth that an AP Biology class is harder than an Honors Biology class, which is in flip harder than a Basic Biology class. 

It’s normal for grades in an AP class to have 1.0 added to their base worth and an Honors class to have 0.5 added. 

  • An “A” in a daily (non-adjusted) class could be 4.0
  • An “A” in an honors class would depend for 4.5
  • An “A” in an AP class could be price 5.0

Because of this it’s theoretically doable to have a 5.0 GPA (on a 4.0 scale), if you happen to received straight As in all AP lessons. In school, it’s a lot much less frequent to have these types of changes.

This performs into the distinction between a weighted GPA and an unweighted GPA. Your unweighted GPA is the calculation of your GPA on a strict 4.0 scale and with none adjustment for Honors or AP lessons. 

Your weighted GPA takes these changes into consideration, which can result in your GPA being increased than 4.0.

The Backside Line

Calculating your GPA is a helpful talent to have, as it may provide help to decide how numerous lessons or grades could be mirrored in your total tutorial transcript. Whereas it might be doable to make use of your GPA to check your tutorial efficiency vs. others at your faculty, it is essential to notice that GPAs will not be typically comparable throughout faculties. 

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What counts for a 3.5 GPA at one faculty isn’t essentially the identical as a 3.5 GPA at one other faculty. 

Nonetheless, understanding methods to calculate your GPA and convert your grades is one thing that may come in useful as you progress in your tutorial profession.