How to Pick a Bicycle Accident Attorney for Your Personal Injury Case?

How to Pick a Bicycle Accident Attorney for Your Personal Injury Case?

How to Pick a Bicycle Accident Attorney for Your Personal Injury Case?


Having any kind of accident is not what anyone will wish to experience. However, accidents happen often, and the experience can be really awful.

For instance, bicycle accidents often cause deadly injuries. If lucky enough, victims can have permanent injuries that can cause disability or pain. And it’s not just physical injuries but also emotional and psychological. 

The impact of a bicycle accident can leave you traumatized for a long time. Moreover, a bicycle accident can have financial implications. It can affect the victims earning capacity, which will lead to the inability to pay bills.

If you have been a victim of a bicycle accident, then you will need to get lawyers who specialize in bicycle accidents. A bicycle accident lawyer will best represent you and make sure you get commensurate compensation for your suffering.

However, in order to pick the best bicycle accident lawyer, you must know some tricks. You don’t want to be represented by just anyone, right?

Picking a Bicycle Accident Attorney for Personal Injury Case


1. Go for Experience

When it comes to hiring a lawyer for bicycle accidents, you need to go for an attorney with experience. You need to find out if the lawyer has handled such cases before.

You shouldn’t hire a divorce attorney for your bicycle accident case. The lawyer should be specialized in the field of personal injury.

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The personal injury field is also broad. Under personal injury, you have cases like slip and fall, dog bite, car accident injury, etc.

So when picking a lawyer with experience in personal injury, narrow it down to bicycle accidents if possible. A bicycle accident attorney in Riverside also suggested choosing a lawyer who has dealt with cases within your region. This will be better since the lawyer can have local knowledge about the places.

A good injury lawyer for bicyclists will get you a fair deal. And, they’ll demand compensation for your medical bills and any future bills. 

2. Your Lawyer Should be a Good Communicator

Communication is a necessary skill for a bicycle accident lawyer or any lawyer for that matter. Your lawyer for bicycle accidents should be able to carry you along through the whole process.

Also, communication is needed for your attorney to relate with any witnesses and the other side. A good communicator will defend you better, and they will be more tenacious in handling your case.

You and the lawyer must work hand in hand. They must know how to give you frequent updates on the latest developments.

3. Get a Lawyer With a Good Success Score

Getting a bicycle accident lawyer with experience is the first step. The second step is ensuring that the attorney doesn’t just handle cases, but wins them.

Your lawyer should have positive results from past cases, and they should be able to share their results with past cases. Get them to tell you how often they have won in the past.

Also, ask them if they have settled out of court; if they have, find out how often. Understand their reasons for choosing the settlement over the court trial.

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Your lawyer must be transparent with his answers. What is their failure-to-success ratio? And if there are failures, what went wrong?

Knowing these details will help your decision-making process in hiring a bicycle accident lawyer.

4. Find Out the Service Charge

Fighting for a case in court can be financially draining. The emotional and financial costs of a bicycle accident injury are already burdensome. The last thing you need is a lawyer with unreasonable charges.

On the other hand, a higher service charge may mean better delivery and a higher chance of winning. Oftentimes cheaper services come with a cost. However, you can determine if the charge is worth it by comparing the lawyer’s experience and success rate.

Know the lawyer’s billing method upfront, and don’t be afraid of comparing prices. Some lawyers will insist on taking a percentage of the compensation paid to you if you win.

Have an agreement from the onset before signing any agreement with your lawyer.

5. Review the Lawyer’s Online Presence

With websites, you can review your potential attorney’s reputation. You can go through the web and look out for professional-looking web pages. 

Most law firms have websites to showcase their profile. From this, you can get a thing or two about their attorneys.

Also, contact information, areas of specialization, and testimonials are displayed on the website. So you can scroll through the page and make sure that the law firm has bicycle accident injury as part of their specialization.

When you feel that the page satisfies your requirements, you can go further to contact them via the contact information provided.

6. Ask the Lawyer How They Plan on Handling Your Case

You may not know what to expect from the other side, but at least you should know what to expect from your lawyer. Ask the attorney how they intend to tackle your case. 

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A good lawyer will have an idea of the case and will be able to predict possible outcomes. Your lawyer should talk you through the steps, the length of the case procedure, and how you will get your compensation

7. Find Out Who Will Handle Your Case

In some cases, the law firm will have multiple lawyers talking you through the steps and making suggestions. The best lawyer may be assigned to speak with you and counsel you, but a less experienced lawyer will be sent to represent you.

This will be risky for you and your case. So it’s best to find out who will be with you in the courtroom. Don’t let an inexperienced lawyer practice with your case.



Picking a bicycle accident attorney for your personal injury case is a major step in the success of your court case. Since you have suffered harm and loss from the bicycle accident injury, it is only rational that you hire the best lawyer to represent you.

Make inquiries, check the internet, and look out for success scores. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions.
If there are issues about the attorney that bothers you, ask questions and clear every doubt before proceeding.


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