How Yuri and Julia Milner and Other Notable Members of The Giving Pledge Donate Their Wealth

How Yuri and Julia Milner and Other Notable Members of The Giving Pledge Donate Their Wealth

How Yuri and Julia Milner and Other Notable Members of The Giving Pledge Donate Their Wealth


The Giving Pledge is a well-known movement with a simple yet effective promise: for the most wealthy individuals in the world and their families to allocate a large bulk of their wealth to causes that help with human rights, animal rights, science, and other charitable causes.

This movement boasts over 200 pledgers in many countries, including Yuri Milner and his wife, Julia.

They have joined The Giving Pledge to support breakthrough discoveries for space science, interstellar technology, and fundamental science and mathematics, as well as humanitarian causes such as aid for refugees.

Based in Silicon Valley, Yuri Milner is a science philanthropist and a technology investor. He and his wife co-founded the Breakthrough Prizes, the world’s biggest science awards, and the Breakthrough Junior Challenge, a global competition for high schoolers, in which contestants create short videos explaining theories or ideas in life sciences, physics and math, and they are judged by a panel of experts in those respective fields and their peers.

Yuri Milner also funded the Breakthrough Initiatives, a set of space engineering and astronomical programs that investigate questions surrounding life in the Universe. His generous contribution has made a significant impact on these fields as he committed to in his Giving Pledge.

About The Giving Pledge

The Giving Pledge is a movement consisting of philanthropists in many countries who have committed to contributing to charitable causes throughout their lifetime.

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The goal is to encourage the wealthiest people to give more of their resources to areas that need them and establish their plans for giving sooner rather than later. It also helps them give their wealth in smarter ways.

This is achieved by creating a community where the pledgers can share best practices, attend learning sessions, and exchange thoughts and ideas on maximizing their financial impact.

Notable Pledgers

Aside from Yuri Milner, his wife, Julia, and over 200 other pledgers, here are a few notable pledgers who have vowed to contribute to The Giving Pledge:

Jon and Helaine Ayers

Jon Ayers suffered from a bicycle accident that left him almost completely paralyzed from his neck down, which forced him to leave his job at IDEXX Laboratories in 2019 after he led the company as CEO, chairman, and president for 17 years.

After building up a large fortune from his time at the company, he focused his attention on philanthropy as a method of coping. His focus is on promoting conversation for cats in the wild, along with causes related to injuries of the spinal cord.

Anil Agarwal

Anil Agarwal is known for turning a small business into an international natural resource company. He has accumulated a massive fortune through owning Vedanta Resources, which takes him all over the world. His focus is on philanthropy, specifically in India, where he wants to continue working to build a network of care centers for early childhood development to help children reach their highest potential regardless of their background or circumstances.

Jeff T. Green

Jeff T. Green is the founder of The Trade Desk, one of the most prominent digital advertising companies in the United States. After launching the company, he watched its success and value skyrocket over the years. Since its inception, shares have increased by over 3,000 percent, and the company is now worth billions in revenue. Green plans to invest his wealth into projects where they can utilize data to understand mistakes, progress, and opportunities. He is particularly keen on improving education access.

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For more information about The Giving Pledge, visit their website here.




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