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All about Printing Technology

What is a Printer?

A printer is usually referred to as an electronic device that accepts various kinds of texts and graphics from the computer and then transfers or replicates that information to a piece of paper.

It is also noticed that the standard size of the sheet that is used for printing is the A4 size sheet or the 8.5″ by 11″ sheet. Printers are the devices that are formed by different electronic companies which differ in shape, size, quality, cost, and various other factors related to it.

Different printers have different types of ink in them. Generally, it is seen that costly printers are used for day-to-day and high resolutions printing or colored printing. Because it needs more quality.

Personal computer printers are usually distinguished as Impact and Non-impact Printers.

Earlier some of the printers usually worked as a typewriter but now the advancement in technology has changed the frame.

There are different types of printers which help in colored as well as black and white printing. The best-known non-impact printers come in terms of Inkjet and laser printers.

Types of Printers

As the advancement in technology has led to different types of amendments in the printing technologies with major and minor differences in those.

Similarly, there are many printing manufacturers like Epson, Canon, Xerox, Lexmark, and various other manufacturers in the long run. Some types of printers are:

Inkjet Printers

These types of printers recreate digital images by spraying some ink onto paper. These are commonly referred to as personal printers.

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3D Printers

3D printing is a new technology. This type of printer works in a way that they create a physical object from a digital profile. This works in a layer upon layer process.

All-in-one Printers

These are usually referred t6o as multifunction devices, as they work with other devices like scanners, fax machines, etc, to pursue the printing process.

Laser Printers

These are also termed personal printers like Inkjet printers. These are generally used in creating high-quality prints.

Generally, there are two types of Laser printers, one for black and white high-quality printing and the other for colored high-quality printing.

LED Printers

These are generally similar to laser printers. But these types of printers use LED (Light Emitting Diode) in the printing head rather than laser as in laser printers.

Thermal Printers

As the name suggests these are the types of printers, in which printing is done by passing the paper with a thermochromic coating, this comprises the electrically heated elements and produces the print in the area where the heat coating turns out to be black.

Photo Printers

These are the printers like the Inkjet printers but these are originally designed for producing high-quality Images. These types of printers require a lot of ink and special papers for printing.

Old Printers

There are many types of old printers which were earlier used for printing when the technology was just at the growing stages. For references, you can also check and Install a brother printer without CD as per the new technologies. Some of the Old printers are: