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Life in prison is an unknown world and can be very disturbing to you and anyone close to you who may be held in prison.

In this column, I would like to tell you about life in prison based on the experiences that lawyers heard from former prisoners.

I think the image of life in prison is hell and hardship.

According to the former Federal Prisons who has been in prison many times, on weekends and holidays, they may sleep on a futon from the morning and watch movies and DVDs that have been shown on TV.



Work is one of the important treatment measures for the reintegration of prisoners into society with the sole purpose to maintain

The contents of the work include the production of work to manufacture and process goods, vocational training, and other self-employed work such as cooking and washing.

The work is specified in consideration of the prisoner’s sentence, health, skills, and future design.

Our main work is woodworking, printing, dressmaking, and metalworking.

In addition, vocational training not only includes the building equipment management department, forklift operation department, business skill department, etc.,

But take vocational training such as information processing department, barber department, electrician, etc. conducted at other penal facilities.


Work incentives will be paid to those who work.

Work incentives are provided at the time of release to cover part of the rehabilitation funds after release.

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Until you are released, it will be calculated as a cumulative total, and the calculated amount for that month will be announced every month.

But if there is a good reason such as compensation for the victim or living support for the family, it will be paid even before release may be done.


If you are a prisoner wishing to work and meet certain conditions, it will start 3 months before your scheduled release date.

First, a professional career consultant investigates the inmate’s vocational motivation and desired occupation, and also gives guidance on the employment situation from time to time.

In addition, the Public Employment Security Office (Hello Work) has joined this system, and the inmates we are working on for rehabilitation and return.

An employment support system was introduced in 2006 to secure employment after the release of prisoners.


In addition to work, we also provide improved guidance and subject guidance in order to ensure the smooth rehabilitation of prisoners.

Improvement guidance includes general improvement guidance aimed at acquiring disciplined lifestyle habits, fostering a healthy mind and body, and acquiring knowledge.

It also includes “drug dependence withdrawal guidance” based on criminal factors, and “victims’.

We provide special improvement guidance for “education that incorporates perspectives,” “traffic safety guidance,” and “employment support guidance”.

The above mentioned teaches business etiquette.

We also provide subject guidance to teach Japanese and math to people with low basic academic abilities.


Guidance at the start of execution and before release.

At the beginning of the execution of the sentence, the emphasis is on instructing the rules and treatments for living in prison, motivating them to rehabilitate voluntarily, and motivating them to live in prison.

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Pre-release guidance explains the social security system, etc., and also gives guidance on how to prepare for rehabilitation.

This is done so that the person can return to society smoothly.


In order to make effective use of leisure time and acquire knowledge and skills that are useful for social life, we have students take correspondence courses.


Religious teaching by teachers of various denominations such as Buddhism, Shintoism, and Christianity is provided to desired prisoners.

Religious teachers include group teachers who are taught in groups and individual teachers who are taught on the anniversary of the victim’s death or when their parents die.


Prison consulting services are a necessity to ensure accountability for inmates and individuals, to ensure their lives a justifiable direction. this helps to integrate reformed people into the society