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Schools in Philadelphia are investing 1 million dollars in safety measures.



Schools in Philadelphia

Schools in Philadelphia are investing one million dollars in various safety measures. 


As a result of the increasing number of shootings in and around Philadelphia schools, the school system has decided to invest more than one million dollars in enhancing school safety.

Dr. Tony Watlington, superintendent of the Philadelphia School District, referred to the situation as an emergency and emphasized the need for the local government, law enforcement, and the school district to respond in a coordinated manner.

Watlington is concentrating extremely hard on enhancing the safety measures that surround the city’s schools.

Recent shootings at a school, which resulted in the death of one kid and the injury of several others, have brought attention to the critical need for increased security measures.

Watlington stated that the events that took place at Overbrook High School and Roxborough High School had “really made us think even harder about to the extent that we just need additional law enforcement presence outside of schools.”

Watlington is laying out his plan to address student safety and staff safety, which includes expanding the Safe Paths program, which enlists the help of community members to provide additional supervision for students traveling to and from school.

Watlington is concerned about the safety of both students and staff members.

Watlington stated that they are looking forward to expanding their Safe Path program because they have found that it is successful.

“We need a greater quantity of it. According to what the data are showing us, we have decided to invest an additional $750,000 and expand to 12 additional schools whose identities have not yet been determined.

The school safety zones are going to receive an additional investment of 600,000 dollars from us.”


The following are also components of the heightened safety plan:

  • offering services for the mental health of both students and employees.
  • addressing unique school needs by conducting an analysis of the school culture in each institution and recruiting additional support staff if required.
  • analyzing data on student attendance and dropout rates, factors that school administrators feel may be at the root of the increased rate of gun violence..


According to what Watlington had to say, “Kids who are successful academically, have good attendance, and who don’t drop out of school are less likely to be victims or perpetrators of gun violence.”

In addition, Watlington has introduced a brand new program that encourages parents to participate in a strategic plan advisory committee in order to offer input regarding the direction the school system will take in the future.

On the website of the school district, applications can be submitted by parents.




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