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Thanks to technological advancements, investing money today is easier than ever.

However, this is only possible if you use relevant investment solutions and evaluate your risk tolerance correctly. Because of such popularity, there are countless investment platforms available now, and new options emerge regularly. If you want to know where to invest money online, read these investment fund reviews below.



One of the biggest Estonian alternative investment services is Quanloop. This is an application that makes investing accessible for everyone thanks to its low minimum investment amount and secure investment plans.


  • Investors can get their money back every day thanks to the liquidity of the funds on this site.
  • With a user-friendly website design, it is simple to set up your investment portfolio.


  • On this platform, users cannot select businesses to invest in.



This investment provider operates globally and has offices in different countries. This website is a platform for borrowers to place their loans where investors can see them. With an EU bank account, everybody can register here and start investing.


  • There are useful investment plans that allow hedging your risks.
  • The approximate annual return on investments is around 12%.


  • Users need to fill in the taxes on their own as the fund does not assist them.



This is a Latvian P2P investment provider. It is not necessary to be from the EU specifically to start investing, but you need to have a European bank account. It is possible to make a money online investment using SEPA.

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  • The smallest investment you can make is 10 euros, which is why this service is great for beginners.
  • Automatic and manual setup solutions are available for users creating their portfolios.


  • This investment fund is not very useful for long-term investing.



This is one of the leading P2P platforms in the real estate sphere. The average annual return is around 10% for investors. To use this service, it is necessary to be a European Union citizen.


  • With convenient risk plans, it is possible to invest more securely.
  • The secondary market is available for users.


  • There are withdrawal fees for users that want to get their returns.



This investment service first opened in 2008. European citizens can invest money online using this platform. Investors from other countries can also participate, although they need to receive accreditation.


  • This fund accepts a minimum investment of 1 euro.
  • There are different investment plans to choose from to pick the best strategy.


  • The average return percentage is rather low with only 9% of return.



This investment fund is perfect for diversifying your portfolio. Businesses from many European countries ask for loans on this site, and investors can choose projects to invest in.


  • With businesses from different industries available, it is easy to diversify your investment portfolio.
  • The average return per annum is 13%.


  • This service is not for everyone as the smallest investment is 100 euros.



This service is convenient for making short-term loans. People can choose companies to invest in by looking through the options available.


  • High liquidity of investments.
  • This service offers great customer care.
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  • This is not the best platform for portfolio diversification.

Each investment fund offers different benefits, and it is possible to find the most fitting solution for each investor.



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