Trendspider Review: Ready to get caught in it’s web?

Trendspider Review: Ready to get caught in it’s web?

Trendspider Review: Ready to get caught in it’s web?


The market has never been more competitive, which means that if you want to be successful at trading, there’s no time like now!

You can use software like charting packages or automated traders, but they’re only as good of an option when paired with the right analytical skills.

We’re always looking for the best financial tools in the industry.  And after reviewing many, we identified one particular tool that stood out from the rest.  In this post, we will be covering our Trendspider review.

Trendspider is one of the most popular automated trading software programs available on the market today.

Founded in 2016 by two former Wall Street traders with decades worth of experience under their belts, Trendspider can give users all the information necessary for successful trading strategies just like the pros.

Trendspider is an innovative and fully customizable software that helps you spot trends faster than the average trader.

It also tracks price movements and indicators and even includes its own proprietary software to give traders all of their information in one place so they can make better trades on whatever market conditions may arise.


Ease of Use

 Trendspider review websites consistently give the program high marks for its ability to identify trends and generate profitable trading signals accurately.

In addition, Trendspider is easy to use and offers a wide range of customization options, making it a good choice for experienced traders.

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However, due to the wide variety of tools available to investors on the platform, information can be a little overwhelming to beginners.

Some users have complained that the software is challenging to configure.  So it is highly recommended that new or novice traders learn the essentials of trading before using a system like Trendspider.

Trendspider also boasts a large amount of learning material native to the platform.  You’ll find everything from videos to detailed blog posts and articles there.  One of the chief differences that set Trendsider apart from other online trading platforms is the onboarding call.

Trendspider offers every new user the opportunity to schedule an onboarding call.

On this call, a dedicated representative from Trendspider will help you set up your account, establish your trading style, and walk you through how to use the platform.  This simple act of customer service sets it apart from competitors such as Wellbull or Tradingview.



TrendSpider is an essential tool for any technical analyst. It makes the complex process of finding and analyzing technical patterns easy and accessible for anyone with a computer.

Trendspider’s web-based platform provides real-time data and analysis, making it the perfect tool for experienced investors.

TradeSpider offers signal mapping for stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex, Cboe Indices, and futures. Trendspider’s automated software analyzes price data and identifies potential trade setups, saving you hours of research time.

In addition, Trendspider’s visual interface makes it easy to identify critical support and resistance levels, trend lines, and other important technical indicators.

Trendspider features automated versions of all of the standard charting options, including candlestick analysis, trendlines, Fibonacci retracements, and many others.

Trendspider also features its own proprietary Raindrops charting, which combines volume, price action, and current sentiment into a chart.  The platform also allows you to customize and create your own personal charts.

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Recently Trendspier adjusted their pricing scheme, so it’s easier than ever before! You can choose between monthly or annual subscriptions.

Premium: Starting at $39/month with Premium access which includes all basic features.

Elite: $80/month, Elite offers additional charting options, as well as exposure to Indexes and access to  trading bot assistants.

Advanced:  $97/month will give you full access to the all features of the platform, including additional alerts and market scans.


How Does Trendspider compare to other platforms?

TrendSpider is relatively new compared to other online trading tools platforms such as Robinhood or Fidelty. But as experience comes with age, innovation comes with youth. And Trendspider is bringing a whole new perspective to the trading world.

When compared to other tools, Trendspider offers unique features not found on other platforms.  Trendspider’s “Raindrop” charts reflect the ongoing relationship between price action, trading volume, and market sentiment.  This information is projected into a highly visual format, that is absent among it’s competitors.

In our Trendspider review, we test out this feature for ourselves, and found it extremely useful.  We found this feature  to be an excellent way to get an advantage over other traders.


Is Trendspider the right trading tool for me?

Whether you’re new to technical analysis or a seasoned veteran, Trendspider might be the perfect tool for you. TrendSpider is a great tool for traders who want to monitor the markets and find trends.

While not designed exclusively for beginners, Trendspider remains a popular choice for many traders, and its popularity will continue to grow in the coming years.

And if you’re still not convinced, TrendSpider also offers a FREE 7-Day Trial of the system.

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