What Are the Highest Paying Finance Jobs

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What Are the Highest Paying Finance Jobs

Are you a mentally adept individual with good attention to detail?

Do you like dealing with numbers? If so, you should consider getting into a career in finance.There are all sorts of excellent finance careers available out there. Curious as to the highest paying finance jobs? We’re going to cover them in detail below!

Chief Compliance Officer

Perhaps the most lucrative finance-related career is the career of chief compliance officer.

These individuals make an average salary of around $128,000 and get some great benefits to boot.


What does a chief compliance officer do?

They oversee various departments as a means of ensuring that their company is compliant with government financial regulations.

They also manage financial operations to ensure that they’re as efficient as possible.

This is a high-responsibility job with tons of competition.

However, if you want to play a huge part in an organization’s financial handlings, this is a career you should pursue.

Chief compliance officers are the top financial professionals in their respective organizations.

Chief Financial Officer

Chief financial officers are right up there with chief compliance officers in terms of responsibility and prestige.

In fact, the two professionals have many overlapping duties.

The primary duties of a chief financial officer are to create budgets, manage financial analysts, and make decisions on spending.

As such, their actions have a large impact on the success of their respective companies.

How much does a chief financial officer make? On average, they make around $127,500.

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Note, though, that at big companies, they can make as much as two times this figure.

Private Equity Associate

Up next is the private equity associate. This is an individual who connects with private investors as a means of gaining investment income.

They then manage this income in strategic ways so as to yield the best returns possible.

This job is fairly lucrative, paying an average salary of approximately $108,000.

Note, however, that private equity associates tend to work a lot, sometimes as much as 75 hours a week.

Not everyone is cut out for this job. Those that are cut out for it generally only accept it as a means of making quick money, or as a means of climbing the career ladder.

That said, if you can prove yourself in this position, you’ll have a great shot at more lucrative positions down the road.

Financial Software Developer

If you enjoy tech just as much as you enjoy finance, you might consider becoming a financial software developer.

These are individuals who create financial software such as Quickbooks, Mint, Quicken, and the like.

They possess upper-echelon coding skills and financially-savvy minds to boot.

On average, financial software developers make around $106,000 a year.

Make note, though, that, unlike private equity associates, their hours are generally much more reasonable.

In fact, a good many financial software developers have standard 40 to 45-hour workweeks, with a good deal of these individuals getting to work from home.

So, if you want a lucrative yet laid-back job that doesn’t take over your entire life, give this one some thought.

It can take a lot of training and education but it pays off in the end. Plus, it’s one of the most in demand finance jobs there is.

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Hedge Fund Manager

This next career is lucrative but stressful: hedge fund manager.

These professionals are responsible for tracking various markets throughout each day.

As such, they must be up early in the morning and work late into the night. The hours for a hedge fund manager are generally quite volatile.

Typically speaking, hedge fund managers don’t see much of a work-life balance.


What they do see, however, is good pay.

On average, hedge fund managers make around $98,000 a year.

However, they have the potential to bring in millions of dollars a year, making this an enticing career for those who are ambitious enough.

Senior Accountant

Next up is the career of senior accountant. This is the accountant that rules them all.

Senior accountants make approximately $72,000 a year but have the potential to make six digits.

Senior accountants work with both low-level employees like junior accountants and high-level employees like CFOs and CCOs.

They manage the budget, make financial decisions for the company, and ensure that the company is meeting its financial goals.

These individuals have a good work-life balance, yet, still, make a decent chunk of money.

If you don’t want a high-octane financial job, this is probably a good one to shoot for.

Financial Analyst

Aptly named, financial analysts analyze financial data. They do this by parsing through paperwork as well as by entering financial data into various software.

Their work is vital, as it helps higher-ups to make sound financial decisions for their respective companies. Financial analysts make around $70,000 a year.

They can work for a number of companies, including banks, insurance companies, and investment companies. Generally speaking, their jobs are fairly low-stress.

Financial Advisor

The last career we’re going to discuss is the career of a financial advisor.

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Financial advisors work with businesses and individuals to help them make sound financial decisions.

They have a deep understanding of things like insurance, tax code, and loans.

Financial advisors’ salaries vary greatly. Note, though, that, on average, these individuals make around $67,000 a year.

If you like working with people directly and helping them be successful with their finances, this might be a good job for you. Discover more about finance careers by clicking that link!

Time to Pursue One of the Highest Paying Finance Jobs

As you can see, there are all sorts of lucrative finance jobs.

So, if you want to roll in the dough, start pursuing one of the highest paying finance jobs on the market today!

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We hope you enjoyed this article… What are your thoughts on What Are the Highest Paying Finance Jobs


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