5 Tips To Leverage Video Marketing For Your Real Estate Business

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5 Tips To Leverage Video Marketing For Your Real Estate Business


Real estate videos capture the attention of buyers and sellers and help to drive sales.

They are an invaluable tool for real estate agents to sell, buy or auction a house or a property since they can be used to increase sales and boost brand awareness.

Statistics reveal that real estate postings with videos receive 403% more inquiries than postings without videos.

Moreover, using videos on landing pages can increase the ad conversion rate by as much as 80%.


Ways to Leverage Real Estate Video Marketing for Your Business

There are different types of videos that can be created to improve sales. Videos can be made on the following topics:

You can make videos that list your home and give housing market updates. Information on real estate conferences and all housing-related topics are also useful to the buyers and sellers.

You can interview your past clients and post their interviews in a video. It is possible to include advice from architects, builders, and mortgage lenders to make your postings informative to the audience.

You can address the questions commonly asked by the buyers and sellers.

If you have a blog on real estate, you can make videos related to the topics discussed in the blog.

Showcasing special offers like discounts can definitely improve your ad conversion rate.

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People will be interested in knowing about your real estate agency, your office culture, your performance, the community, and the local businesses in the neighborhood. Videos updating the clients about the status of their sale or purchase are also useful.

Let us discuss in detail the genres of videos that can be created to give a boost to sales.

These videos can be posted on your website, blog, and all social networking platforms for effective real estate video marketing.


Home Listing Videos

These videos are very useful to the buyers since they give them a clear picture of the house.

This helps the buyers decide whether the house is spacious and if the decor is to their liking.

A fully furnished house that is tastefully decorated is sure to appeal to the buyers provided it has been showcased well in the video.

A guided video tour wherein the guide discusses all the features of the house is also useful to the buyers who can gauge if the house is practically designed and tastefully furnished.


Videos on Housing Market Updates and Real Estate Conferences

In order to encourage people to visit your website, you can post videos giving people updates about the housing market.

Most people don’t have the time to follow the latest trends in the housing markets.

Giving your audience information about the latest housing projects in the city and the current and forecasted trends in the housing market in the country can help them make informed decisions.

This will encourage the buyers to visit your website frequently and the chances are high that they will check out some of the properties listed on your site when they are looking to buy. This will boost sales.

Moreover, people who are interested in hiring a seller’s agent can also benefit from your postings since they get a fair idea about the price their property could fetch if they were to sell.

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You can post videos of real estate conferences that take place in the city as well as in the country to drive traffic to your website and all social networking sites where you have posted your videos.


Videos Featuring Past Clients, Builders, Mortgage Lenders, and Architects

You can interview past clients because client testimonial videos that give positive feedback about your real estate agency help build confidence among prospective clients.

Interviewing builders about their current projects in the city and posting such videos will help drive traffic to your website and will definitely boost sales.

Architects too can be interviewed and encouraged to share floor plans to help people design their dream homes.

Mortgage lenders can talk about the current mortgage rates so that people who would like to avail of a loan to buy a property can know what to expect.


Videos Addressing Commonly Asked Questions

You can post videos where you answer commonly asked questions to help buyers and sellers.

This in turn will help you build a good image in the local community and the city.

People will trust your real estate agency to sell their house and will be willing to buy properties that you sell even if the prices are a little steep since they will trust that the deal is happening at a fair price.


Videos About Special Offers

If you plan on giving a discount on your services, you should definitely let people know by making a short video. It is also important to talk about any offers given by builders, architects, and mortgage lending companies so that people can benefit from these offers.

Such videos are guaranteed to increase your conversions from interactions so that your conversion rate is above 10%. Conventional wisdom says that you should have a conversion rate of at least 2% to 5% if you undertake effective real estate video marketing.

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Videos on Your Office Culture

You can make videos on your office culture where you talk about the work ethics of your team so that it inspires confidence in the people who want to avail your services.


Videos on the Performance of Your Team

It is a good idea to share how well your real estate agency performed during the course of the year.

If you have had record sales you should definitely mention it in your video since it helps to build your reputation in the local community.

In time, you can extend your services to cover the whole city, and then if you meet with success, you can even expand your business nationwide.


Videos on the Neighbourhood

You can make videos on the neighborhood so that people know whether it is developed or not. This information is useful for buyers who are looking to buy a house but are unsure of the neighborhood. They may be unaware of the schools, hospitals, shopping areas, cinema theatres, restaurants, malls, parks, and other public places in the vicinity of the residential area.

Videos on the Local Community

You should also talk about the local community so that people get to know the profile of the residents of the neighborhood.


Videos Updating Clients About the Status of Their Property Sale or Purchase:

You can keep your clients in the loop by talking about the status of their property sale or purchase in your videos because clients tend to get impatient if it’s been a while since they heard from you.

The above tips for leveraging video marketing for your real estate agency can help your business thrive by encouraging customers to visit your site for information and cash in on good deals on properties that you have to offer.