5 Things You Need to Know Before Becoming a Freelancer

It’s safe to say that freelancers are a crucial part of the U.S. economy. Studies show that freelancers make up 36% of the workforce—and growing.

Tempted to join that number? Becoming a freelancer isn’t as hard as it might seem, and the benefits include calling the shots for your own freelancing company and working when and where you want.

Of course, it’s worth keeping a few crucial things in mind before you jump in. Here’s what you’ll want to be aware of as you make the transition.

1. You’ll Need to Be Ready for Inconsistency

Working for yourself might sound like smooth sailing in theory, but the inconsistency of this career choice can be stressful in practice.

When you run your own freelancing business, you’ll find that things don’t often happen on a set schedule, which can make it hard to find your pacing and manage your finances at first.

From inconsistent time spent finding clients to chasing customers over past-due invoices to completing your latest project, it’s important to be prepared for a few hiccups here and there.

Make sure you have enough savings to last a while before jumping in!

2. You’ll Have to Set Your Own Boundaries

It’s nice to think you might be able to take tons of vacations while you’re freelancing, but when you’re in the thick of the work, it’s easy to feel like taking time off is impossible.

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Learning to set work boundaries—from taking regular breaks to scheduling vacations—can be crucial.

You’ll need to get comfortable saying no to clients, especially when they want to intrude in your much-deserved time off.

3. Imitate Before You Create

If you have a new freelancing method or plan you want to try, launching it right away might not be your best bet. Getting used to the ins and outs of client management, bills and payment, and more can be difficult.

For this reason, many freelancers find it useful to jump into a field with plenty of methods they can adopt right away. If you become a freelance writer, for example, you’ll be able to research plenty of tried-and-tested shortcuts, setups, and techniques as you get started. The same is true of popular freelancing careers like coaching and web development.

4. Networking Is Half the Battle

Creating a pretty website and listing your services is a good first step, but it’s important to connect with people who can get you, clients. Whether you network online or via in-person communities in your area, you’ll have to be comfortable selling your personal brand and services.

5. Don’t Quit Your Day Job

The allure of working for yourself is strong—but don’t give in to it until you’re sure you have enough experience and clients under your belt to succeed. Quitting your day job might be the ultimate goal, but try to give yourself enough time to find your footing before you cut ties with the steady pay of your 9-to-5.

Try These Tips for Becoming a Freelancer

Whether you’re hoping to dive into lifestyle coaching or you want to write for a range of clients online, becoming a freelancer is a great way to go about it.

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By following the tips above, you’ll be better prepared to manage the transition, allowing you to make the most of your new career choice!

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