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Many drivers simply assume that the vast majority of motorists adhere to the rules of the road when they are on the road. They may not even be aware that they are in substantial danger because they are sharing the road with so many other vehicles, particularly those driving enormous 18-wheelers.

Because of the sheer magnitude of these equipments, people who are involved in large rig accidents might suffer serious or fatal injuries.

an Accident Lawyer will work their way to safeguard the rights of the families of personal injury and wrongful death victims, and they aggressively pursue the greatest possible compensation for their losses, including pain and suffering, lost earnings, medical bills, and a variety of other damages you would not expect.

We encourage you to contact an Accident Lawyer immediately if you or a loved one has been hurt by a commercial truck driver so that we can schedule a time for you to come in and chat with an 18 wheeler accident attorney to determine the best course of action in your case.

What is a San Antonio Truck Accident Lawyer?

A truck accident lawyer is someone who specializes in personal injury cases that involve trucks. That includes tractor-trailers, 18 wheelers and other big rigs.

A truck accident lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve if you have been injured in a truck accident. They can help with things like medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and more…

If you need help with a truck accident, contact the lawyers at the Law Offices of David J. Steinberg to talk to one today.

How to Choose the Right San Antonio Truck Crash Attorney For Your Case?

It is important to have a good truck injury attorney by your side in case you have been in a truck accident.

A good truck accident lawyer will assess the situation and provide the best course of action for you and your family. They will also help you navigate through the legal process and make sure that your rights are protected.

It is important to have someone on your side who understands how these cases work as well as what to expect from them.

There are three primary types of truck accident cases:

Personal Injury Truck Accident Cases:-An individual is injured due to a truck accident.-Depending on severity personal injuries may include, but are not limited to, broken bones, spinal cord injury, brain injury or scarring.

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If the individual dies in the accident, the individual’s survivors may be eligible for death benefits.- Attorney Jim Adler has successfully handled personal injury cases of all types in Dallas and surrounding areas

Product Liability: This type of case deals with the death, injury, or damage from a defective product that was sold by a company. –

Commercial Trucking Accident: This type of case deals with trucking accidents that were caused by the company or its employees.

Top 7 Best 18 wheeler accident lawyer San Antonio

#1. Sibley Dolman Gipe Accident Injury Lawyers, San Antonio

#1. Sibley Dolman Gipe Accident Injury Lawyers, San Antonio

When accidents happen, most people are faced with many difficult decisions. One of the biggest is whether to file a claim or not. If you have been injured in an accident and need legal assistance, contact Sibley Dolman Gipe Accident Injury Lawyers, San Antonio today. You can reach them by phone at (210) 534-9993 or email them at

#2. George Salinas – Personal Injury Lawyer, San Antonio

George Salinas - Personal Injury Lawyer, San Antonio

George Salinas is an experienced personal injury attorney in San Antonio and can handle a variety of cases. He represents people who’ve been hurt in car accidents, product liability cases, and more. The business was created in 2011 by Grace and Ernesto Salinas, who met in college. Ernesto had the idea for the company after receiving a settlement for an injury he sustained.

#3. The Aguirre Law Firm, PLLC– Personal Injury Lawyer, San Antonio

The Aguirre Law Firm, PLLC- Personal Injury Lawyer, San Antonio

The Aguirre Law Firm, PLLC is a personal injury law firm located in San Antonio, Texas. Representing clients throughout the state of Texas, they are committed to providing exceptional legal representation to those who are injured through no fault of their own.

#4. Wyatt Law Firm – Personal Injury Lawyer, San Antonio

Wyatt Law Firm - Personal Injury Lawyer, San Antonio

In a world of chaos, Wyatt Law Firm is a beacon of hope. We have helped people all over Texas and the United States recover damages for their personal injuries.

Our team of dedicated professionals works to ensure that each client receives the best possible outcome in their case.

Injured in a car accident or work injury? We can help. If you have been injured in a hazing incident, we can help. If you were hurt on the job, we can help.The Wyatt Law Firm is here for you.

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#5. Jim Adler & Associates – Injury Lawyer, San Antonio

Jim Adler & Associates - Injury Lawyer, San Antonio

Jim Adler & Associates is a personal injury lawyer in San Antonio, TX. They are dedicated to helping clients with their injury-related legal matters.

The team ensures that clients are compensated for the full extent of their injuries by working hard to win the cases and obtaining fair settlements. .

#6. Alford & Clark Injury Attorneys – Personal Injury Lawyer, San Antonio

Alford & Clark Injury Attorneys - Personal Injury Lawyer, San Antonio

Alford & Clark Injury Attorneys is a personal injury law firm in San Antonio, Texas. With over 30 years of experience in the legal field, Alford & Clark Injury Attorneys offer their expertise to clients who are seeking legal help for their personal injury case.

#7. Arnold & Itkin LLP – Personal Injury Attorney

Arnold & Itkin LLP - Personal Injury Attorney

Arnold & Itkin LLP is a boutique law firm specializing in personal injury cases. We are a team of four attorneys and one staff who are passionate about helping people recover from their injuries.

Arnold & Itkin LLP, Firm has obtained settlements and verdicts in excess of $300 Million, with a success rate of over 95% for the past 16 years.

Our experience and dedication to our clients is what sets us apart.

We hope you find the information about our firm helpful and reach out to us today if you have any questions or need a case evaluation.

How to find an 18 wheeler accident lawyer in San Antonio

After being involved in an 18-wheeler collision, you may be approached by representatives of the insurance company and asked to answer what appear to be normal questions.

It is critical that you understand your rights before speaking with an insurance agent in order to safeguard your case and possible payouts.

A free consultation with one of our experienced San Antonio truck accident attorneys and the rest of our team is the first step towards acquiring these assets.

An 18 wheeler accident lawyer in San Antonio, will work tirelessly to protect you and your family’s best interests throughout the process.

There are numerous ways in which drivers of large trucks endanger the lives of people on the road.

The majority of the time, this is merely the result of the driver failing to adhere to proper protocol during the journey.

For example, failing to take needed rest breaks or failing to properly register their driving hours are examples of carelessness. Driving recklessly is not uncommon among drivers who are under time constraints imposed by their employers.

The many ways in which a motorist can be careless and put others in danger on the road should you find yourself the victim of an 18-wheeler accident, rest assured that an accident lawyer will be at your side as soon as you contact one.

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The San Antonio 18-wheeler accident lawyer represents individuals who have suffered serious injuries as a consequence of the following:

  • Tire blowouts
  • Failure to obey traffic laws and signs
  • Distracted driving
  • Texting while driving
  • Truck driver fatigue
  • Mechanical failures
  • Reckless driving and speeding
  • Violations of the rules and regulations established by the Department of Transportation
  • Driving within city borders without taking the necessary precautions can result in a serious accident.
  • Transportation Department, including refusal to take mandated rest intervals or failure to properly report their hours.

An 18-wheeler accident lawyer will check all parties who may be at fault for the accident by thoroughly investigating your accident claim with professional resources, such as a crash-site reconstruction specialist.

This could include the company that failed to enforce certain regulations set by the industry like weight and load restrictions, the company that leased trailers that may not have received proper maintenance, or it could be the actual truck driver.

The reality is the fault of an accident can rest in many hands.

Naturally, An 18-wheeler accident attorney serving in San Antonio will first look to the driver to see what they may or may not have done that resulted in an injury or death.

Then they will seek out the employer of the driver to see what liability they may have.

An 18 wheeler accident lawyer in San Antonio will also then move on to the manufacture of the truck to see if any mechanical issues played a part in the wreck.

They will continue this process until we have peeled back all the layers of your case and revealed all the responsible parties.

Working with medical experts when necessary, they will seek to get you the highest compensation from all negligent parties and their insurance companies.

In doing so, they will be able to recover damages such as lost wages, medical expenses, loss of companionship, and anything else they see fit to help you heal and recover after you’ve been in an 18-wheeler accident.



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