Different CBD marketing challenges and how to overcome them

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How to overcome The Different CBD marketing challenges 


Cannabidiol is a naturally extracted compound that’s found in cannabis flowers. The Cannabis plant consists of an age-old history of being utilized for its various medicinal features, but it also offers a great variety of practical applications.

But nowadays, scientific explorations are further exploring the features of various phytocannabinoids like CBD. This plant consists of at least 85 unique cannabinoids, each with extraordinary features.


However, despite its health-related features and popularity, there are certain challenges associated with CBD production, marketing, and distribution.


3 major challenges faced by the Cannabidiol marketers


Cannabidiol has been utilized for the treatment of various health-related ailments, including chronic pain, inflammation, depression, anxiety, and even more. Following are some major challenges faced by the CBD vendors and sellers:


1. Public perception about Cannabidiol – A very major challenge experienced by the Cannabidiol companies is the issue related to public perception. Among the consumers, service providers, and payment processing services, there is a usual misconception that Lazarus Naturals CBD products would cause the same effect as consuming Marijuana. This idea is absolutely false, but the belief is still present.


These types of wrong assumptions and the negative perception among the public can be a cause of challenge to the Cannabidiol companies in several ways. First, this perception may dissuade some users from tasting the product, believing in the misconceptions.

Moreover, despite the requirement or curiosity, various users can avoid using or discontinue using the products as they are worried that others would pass judgment on them for utilizing the Cannabidiol products.


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The stores may even be dissuaded from carrying this product because of the public perception, even if there is a high demand for the products.

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The businesses would also sometimes feel concerned about the store’s reputation that may suffer because of selling the Cannabidiol products.

Even they may feel concerned about several merchant services that would drop them because of their own misconception about Cannabidiol and their public image.


2. The Farm Bill and the strict regulations – In 2018, The President of the U.S. has signed a Farm Bill. This bill has legalized the production of hemp plants for agricultural purposes and eliminated this plant from the list of controlled substances.

This particular 2018 Farm bill also enlisted the hemp plant and the products extracted from the hemp plant as a commodity that would be covered by using the crop insurance.


The Farm Bill has also directed the FCIC or Federal Crop Insurance Corporation to develop the specialized hemp policies more than the streamlined usage. But, there is still confusion regarding the shipping-related legality of the help products.

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3. Payment and e-commerce processing – Cannabidiol companies also experience particular challenges regarding payment processing, e-commerce, and merchant services. Various banks would not function with the Cannabidiol services as the bank personnel is concerned about the variations of legality across the state lines.


Methods of overcoming the challenges of marketing Cannabidiol


To overcome the challenges of selling Cannabidiol, you firstly should use the private labeling of any reputed hemp manufacturing system and supply chain.

It would help you earn great margins, and you would also offer a competitive rate.

The private labeling would also allow you to advertise your CBD products like the benefits of CBD oil for health because there can be users who already trust the brand with which you have connected, and therefore they would trust your product as well.

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Hence, to claim your position in the multi-billion dollar Cannabidiol industry, functioning consistently and quickly by following an efficient game plan would assist you to earn revenue streams and new customers.





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