Fate/Hearthborne – Secrets of the Outer World Game Review

Secrets of the Outer World Game

Fate/Hearthborne – Secrets of the Outer World Game Review


Destiny 2 Xenophage is one of the more challenging of the particular edition Destiny games.

It’s also considered one of the most-rewarding task, as you’ll get to experience new, powerful gear, weapons and enemies as you struggle to complete your quests. 

A unique upgrade that you’ll get early on allows you to deal out elemental damage against any enemy or creature you come into contact with.

 The ability to cause heavy damage from a safe distance and the steady stream of elemental damage is ideal for PvP players looking to build up a score early on.

This quest is actually part of a more extensive campaign called “The Lost Sectors”. This campaign, released in October, includes four dungeons and several other mission types.

Like all the other missions, this one also features two ways to complete the quest: you can choose to do it by yourself or with a group of players. 

If you’re playing on the PC, you can also get the PC game installed to help make this quest easier (it was also included as part of the downloadable version of the game).

The story begins with you following clues left by the first “Vault Hunter” in the original destiny 2 xenophage. This character was tasked by an ancient head to find and extract four mysterious essences for an unknown purpose. Naturally, he couldn’t do it alone and needed all his friends’ help to complete the task. 

Naturally, if one of your party members isn’t willing to scour the outskirts of the map, they won’t be able to complete the game task at all – which is what makes this mission so challenging. 

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Luckily, there’s a unique device in place in this case. The device is called an Exotic weapon, and it allows your team members to gain a bonus on all their efforts when participating in the quest.

You start this quest in the ruins of an ancient temple. A figure in a suit jumps out from behind a large door, revealing that it’s not just any old door… there’s a big crystal blocking it. Your group must split up and go through the door to the next area, where they’re greeted by another figure – this time, a guardian. 

This guardian is guarded by three Eidolon guardians, who are each guarding a single crystal. 

Your group has to work together to kill them and retrieve the crystal, or the path uncovered will be blocked off for good.

Once your group has killed all the guardians, and the crystal gate is open, you enter the dungeons of the Tower of Eternity. 

The first level contains a quest giver who wishes to give you a deposit orb. The orb is required for the next part of the quest, but unfortunately, it’s not visible on the minimap, and you have to use the map to see where it’s located. 

With luck, you’ll be able to grab the orb before anyone else uses it, which will allow you to successfully complete the quest and earn a valuable deposit orb.

The next part of the middle left journey quest involves killing the Emperor near the docks of the Divinity dungeon. 

When the boss is defeated, the quest fails, and you’ll have to restart it from the beginning. 

The same goes for the bottom right boss fight in the heresy dungeon; if you fail here, you’ll have to replay the quest from the start.

Fortunately, the third step of the middle left experience is easier than the last one, and Xenophage is no longer the hassle it used to be.

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The last step of the journey reveals a secret boss battle against a giant named Oryx, followed by another cut-scenes involving several characters, before the final fight with him. 

The secret boss fight takes place on the cathedral of willpower in the tower of willpower, where you’ve got a limited amount of time to defeat him before the timer runs out. 

There’s also another cut-scenes involving some random strangers, before one of them activates an alarm, attracting the attention of Arlen Bales’ character from across the map. 

These cut-scenes add some spice to the game, as well as helping you gain more insight into the personalities of some of the main characters in the game.

The reveal of the third step of the orthodox faith also adds an extra sense of mystery to the gameplay, which is good, because otherwise, the game can get a little dull after a while.

After beating the final boss of the second encounter, you get to see two cut-scenes that explain what happens after the fight. 

The first one explains that Arlen has put all of his money into the orb that contains the secret boss’s spirit. The orb will activate only if you use it on the statue of justice, or on a glowing blue barrier around the altar. 

The second encounter reveals a cut-scenes involving the amulet of shadows, and a cut-down of Arlen Bales’ group of marines.

The amulet’s effect is apparently quite powerful, as the marines prepare to attack Xenophage himself. Still, he backs down, realizing that if they attack her, everyone in their group, including himself, would die. 

The ending of the game also has other subtle hints at what fans can expect in the follow-up games, and even sheds some light on how the story might unfold in future installments of the Fate/Hearthborne series.

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Getting Xenорhаge:

Tо stаrt the quest fоr Xenорhаge, gо bасk tо Mооn, here is where yоu will see Eris when she соmрletes her Memоry quests, she will give yоu Xenорhаge! Yоu саn get there direсtly by аrriving аt Sоrrоw’s Hаrbоr аnd heаding nоrth tо the Sсаrlet Keeр.


Sоlving Xenорhаge Рuzzles:

Рlаyers саn sоlve рuzzles by shооting the stоnes оn the wаll. Shооting аt the stоnes сhаnges the symbоls. Аt the tор оf the Xenорhаge рuzzle, yоu’ll find the ideа оf mаking the symbоls аll mаtсh the оne.

Yоu get nine symbоls оn the wаll in а three-by-three grid. Yоu dоn’t hаve tо wоrry аbоut it, just shооt them in this оrder аnd everything will be greаt. If yоu mаke а mess оf а single rune, yоu саn shооt the rune fоur times tо turn it bасk tо whаt it wаs befоre.



Top 7 Hidden Seсrets Mаny Still Hаven’t Fоund In The Оuter Wоrlds


1. Stаndаrdized Skill-Сheсk Numbers.
2. Рerks Fоr Соmрleting Соmраniоn-Quests.
3. The Shiр Hаs Tоns Mоre Stоrаge Thаn Exрeсted.
4. Nо Mоre Un-Killаble NРСs.
5. Mаke The Рerfeсt-Соmраniоns.
6. Рlаyers Саn Mаke А Big Junk Рile. …
7. There Аre Tоns Оf Sсienсe-Weароns Tо Find.





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