Employment Attorney in Los Angeles – 7 things to know

Employment Attorney in Los Angeles - 7 things to know

Employment Attorney in Los Angeles

While most employees would like to go to artwork certainly, do their jobs, and gets a fee fairly, navigating each portray day is not often that simple.

Regardless of the volume of the employee, each employee has the right to artwork in an environment that is free of discrimination, free of harassment, in which income and hour pointers are followed, and in which the terms of employment contracts are honoured. This isn’t normally the case.

When employers fail to uphold their agreements and violate federal and close-by employment criminal pointers, employees frequently feel helpless and unsure in which to expose for assistance.

Many fear of death while working on the job, leaving them without the capability to help their families.

The Los Angeles employment criminal specialists at the Law Offices of Stephen Blikis & Associates have years of experience defending the employment rights of Los Angeles area personnel who have been treated unfairly in violation of the law and contrary to the provisions of employment agreements.

Cases We Handle

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Stephen Bilkis & Associates and Vakili and Leus LLP represent clients managing pretty some employment disputes including:

Sexual Harassment

Employment attorney Los Angeles legal professionals in Los Angeles have the right to go to artwork each day without being asked out for a date, asked to have sex, touched inappropriately, or knowledgeable sexual jokes. Unfortunately, all too frequently that isn’t the case.

Victims of the place of business sexual harassment, whether or not or now no longer they’ll be women or men, are frequently hesitant to speak up because of the truth they’ll be concerned about procedure loss, or they’ll be concerned that they’ll now not be able to display the harassment.

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The attorneys at the Law Offices of Stephen Bilkis & Associates are prepared to help patients, as we understand the federal and country-wide criminal pointers prohibiting sexual harassment and understand what it takes to win a harassment case.

Workplace Harassment

Workplace harassment takes place simultaneously as someone is treated negatively at artwork based mostly on someone’s attributes.

While the most commonplace regional forms of harassment are based mostly on race, sex, and disability, there are distinct trends that may be blanketed thru federal or country-wide law, which incorporates religion, pregnancy, and gender.

As indicated through our record, we strongly are given as real that no person wishes to be subjected to harassment at the artwork for any reason.

We can vigorously fight the rights of folks who face hostility withinside the artwork area by representing them in advance of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the California Department of Fair Employment & Housing (DFEH), in state court docket or in federal court docket.

Employment Discrimination

Having to spend each day in an unfavourable environment at artwork makes it difficult for a victim of business discrimination to be effective at the artwork.

The academic outcomes of managing harassment at artwork always spill over to distinctive factors of the victim’s life.

Discrimination withinside the place of business on the idea of sex, gender, race, age, disability, religion, or country-extensive basis is illegal.

Employers who allow such discrimination to keep a state of affairs to consequences may be required to compensate patients. Our employment attorneys in Los Angeles have years of experience representing patients of employment discrimination.

We will use our belongings to investigate your case so you can make sure that folks who are chargeable for the discriminatory behaviour are held accountable.

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Race Discrimination

Discrimination based mostly on race remains a problem withinside the place of business. It can take many forms- some subtle- being excluded from meetings, and some overt- use of racial slurs.

If you are given as real with that you have been harassed, fired, or in some distinctive manners treated poorly at artwork because of your race, you will be entitled to compensation, and your business enterprise also can moreover face the consequences. Racial discrimination times may be complex, so a professional employment criminal expert serving in Los Angeles must represent you.

Sex (Gender) Discrimination

Whether you select out as someone or a woman, it is against the law so that you may be discriminated against withinside the place of business.

With over 2 a few years of experience representing patients in complex employment discrimination times, for more for extra, we are equipped to fight your rights if you have been discriminated against based mostly on your sex or gender in terms of pay, procedure responsibilities, improvement opportunities, get dressed code, and specific conditions of artwork.


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