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In 2013, exactly according to the scenario of Alfred Hitchcock’s film “To Catch a Thief”, Jewelry from the Leviev Jewellery house which amounted to over €136 million was audaciously stolen from the Carlton Hotel during the Extraordinary Diamonds exhibition.

The theft was so fantastic that it resembled a scene from a movie. The stolen Jewelry  is yet be found to this day, and if the Jewelry had not been insured, the owners would have suffered huge losses.


Jewelry insurance In Our Site, Europe and the USA

As a rule, risks are insured be it losses, theft, fraud or any form of harm.

For example, if the jewelry was left in the toilet at an airport or resort, A case of when the owner has not idea exactly or when the item was lost; or even a case when the owner receives compensation in case of unintentional damage to the Jewelry.

There is also a “replacement policy” service. If you, having this policy, buys a fake jewelry, then the insurance company pays compensation in the amount of the cost of the product.

We can insure jewelry only in those companies that have a license from the Central Bank. The list of organizations can be found on the official website of the Central Bank.

You can also insure your property in an unlicensed foreign company, but you need to understand the degree of risks

To draw up an insurance contract, you must visit the official office of the company and provide all the products that you want to insure.

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One advantage of insurance is that if a foreign company refuses to pay or deliberately delays compensation, then you will be able to influence it by contacting the our regulatory authorities.
All questions will need to be resolved either remotely or repeatedly visit the country in which the insurance policy was purchased.

How To Insure Jewelry In Our Site

In our country, jewelry can be insured only by including them in the policy of more valuable property. A good example is real estate.

Below are some of the leading insurance companies and insurance features


Jewelry is insured together with real estate. The list of insured precious metals and stones is included in the real estate insurance contract.
The cost of the objects to be insured must not be less than 300,000 rubles.

The expert determines the cost of objects differentially – according to the receipt for the purchased product, by the example of the cost of a product similar in characteristics or by agreement of the parties.
There is no strict assessment procedure.


Jewelry insurance is carried out in conjunction with real estate. There is no minimum or maximum amount to be insured. It is determined on an individual basis.


The company offers the All Inclusive product, which provides insurance: movable and immovable property, art objects, products made of precious metals and stones, life and health of the owner.

The assessment of insurance property is carried out on the date of the conclusion of the contract and in accordance with the norms of Russian legislation.
The cost of precious metals is calculated based on the selling prices valid in Russia and approved by the Central Bank.

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Jewelry is insured together with real estate. When concluding an insurance contract, the company takes photographs of the objects listed in the contract.

The insured amount of jewelry is determined by a certified expert on the basis of:

If the product does not have a long history. Then the receipt and the presence of a certificate of authenticity are taken into account.


Now losing a jewelry we all know can be mentally and financially draining but insurance of your jewelry sure provides little form of relief if not all forms of relief.
Do the right thing and get that JEWELRY and asset insured to ensure mental and financial safety.