How to Take Online Surveys for Money: A Quick Guide

How to Take Online Surveys for Money: A Quick Guide

How to Take Online Surveys for Money: A Quick Guide


If you’re looking to join the 4.7 million Americans working from home in 2021, then online surveys are a great place to start.

Although you are unlikely to replace your income with surveys, there are a number of people stacking up a healthy side income by being signed up to take online surveys for money.

Of course, not every survey is a good fit. If you’re wondering how to avoid scams and start earning some extra cash, you’ve come to the right place. Follow along to discover the secrets for how to earn money taking surveys today.


Do Your Homework

Before you sign up for any online survey services, be sure to do your research into the company. Chances are, you aren’t the first one to stumble across a ‘too good to be true’ survey site.

Look into reviews from active users, Google the company’s background, and of course, trust your gut. If a company is offering the world but leaving out the details, chances are they aren’t a reliable fit.


Know Your Options

Next, you’ll need to decide what kinds of rewards you are willing to work for. While some sites offer cash via Paypal deposits, most will opt for gift cards or points systems.

If you’re up for a free gift card Prize Rebel is a great and reliable place to start!

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Sign Up To Multiple Sites

It’s unlikely that you’ll get enough survey work from just one site to stack up an income. Instead, take the time to investigate and sign up for multiple sites.

You’ll get notifications from each site when there is work to be done and can maximize your time and earnings!

Expand Your Approach

There are a variety of survey services out there. Some will take 2-3 minutes, some may ask for an hour or more of your time. We suggest delving into a variety of these services to get the most out of your efforts.

Broaden your reach to product testing, focus groups, or even video surveys if you’ve got the extra time and are looking to make a real income at survey taking.

Give Honest Feedback

Once you’re in with the online surveys, be sure to give the most honest and genuine feedback possible.

While it may be tempting to riffle off generic statements and responses, companies are looking for much more than this and will reach out to the respondents who give them what they want. The more you give, the more you get!

Set Up Your Survey Email

Keep your survey endeavors separate from your main inbox by setting up an email address specifically for your online surveys.

As we mentioned above, you’ll get lots of emails to let you know when work is available. Add your new email to your phone for quick notifications and keep your work and personal life separate!

Stay Local

Finally, when it comes to taking online surveys for money, you want to ensure you are working in the right region.

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Stick to sites that serve your country and stay clear of those that are working overseas. While the income may be attractive, your chances of knowing and understanding their products and research are low.

Take Online Surveys for Money

Now that you know how to take online surveys for money, you can set to work! From doing your research before signing up to leveraging your local knowledge, we’re confident you’ll love your new side hustle job!

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