Latest Meme Bank NFT for Sale On Open Sea Marketplace

latest meme bank nft for sale
latest meme bank nft for sale at open sea market place

Red Hong Yi, a renowned Artist Announces the Launch of her Latest Meme bank NFT for Sale on the Open Sea marketplace.



The much-expected latest meme bank NFT Banknotes collection via way of means of famed Malaysian artist Red Hong Yi has formally released and is open for bidding on Open Sea from today.

A general of 5 specific works of art could be be had on the market and records for every location.

This venture was created to merge the physical and virtual worlds and critique our cutting-edge economic systems. Each artwork could be bought withinside the shape of NFTs.

However, in contrast to maximum NFT projects, Meme bank NFTs come alongside bodily works of art.

There are the best 6 precise works of art created beneath this venture with every bought withinside the version of 1.

As this venture turned into stimulated via way of means of the idea of NFTs displaying evidence of ownership, hit bidders for the MemeBank NFT will personal a bodily copper plate and 1/1 canvas print of the artwork,” stated Red Hong Yi.

After achieving the primary Meme bank NFT “Doge to the Moon” primarily based totally on the Chinese Yuan in advance in June, the closing works of art function the Japanese Yen, British Pound, Singapore Dollar, United States Dollar, and Malaysian Ringgit.

Each artwork will begin at 0.1 ETH, and bids for every will near 22-twenty sixth November, with an artwork’s public sale final every day.

Red Hong Yi’s Meme bank NFTs are stimulated via means of international currencies and the present-day meme way of life within the virtual international.

Following the Wall-Streeters’ movement, the USD-stimulated more the banknote features “Diamond Hands,” a Wall Street man maintaining diamonds, expressing traders’ capabilities to preserve their function irrespective of downturns or losses in hopes of eventual gain.

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While the NFT stimulated via way of means of the Malaysian Ringgit features “Were Lambo?”, depicting impatient orangutans thinking while their Lambo (brief for Lamborghini) will arrive after shopping for cryptocurrencies.

The bunch of bananas withinside the banknote takes reference from the foreign money greenback issued via way of means of the Japanese authorities all through their occupancy in Malaya withinside the Nineteen Forties to deliver a government with money, which led to hyperinflation and an extreme depreciation withinside the fee of banana notes.

Making Memes and Money

Her collection of works of art called ‘Meme bank,’ Red reveals, is set spoofing banknotes stimulated via means of fiat currencies and changing certain factors in those banknotes with meme way of life.

“These banknotes have been first created digitally,

then was bodily portions thru etching a grasp copper plate which acts as a primary printing plate for banknotes.

This copper plate and its banknote turned into an NFT, and the proprietor of this NFT also owns the unique grasp copper plate,” she explains her well-taken consideration methodology. more

According to Red, that is her “manner of critiquing the position of primary banks, [how] they have the strength to print as many banknotes as they want. And much like NFTs, there’ll best be one grasp copper plate.”


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