5 Things to Consider When Decorating in Eclectic Style

5 Things to Consider When Decorating in Eclectic Style

5 Things to Consider When Decorating in Eclectic Style

What is Eclectic Style?

Eclectic style is also one of those home décor looks that may mean a lot of different things to a lot of different individuals. But at its foundation, eclectic style is all about filling your home with personality. It’s fun, funky, and lots of visual intrigue.

Maybe you can’t determine if your preferred sort of decor is farmhouse rustic or mid-century modern. Or you can’t bear items that are too “matchy-matchy” or clean.

Eclectic style is a terrific way to characterize your home decor when it’s a bit of, well, everything.


History of Eclectic Style

However the word “eclectic” has been around for a long time, it has only recently become connected with a style to decorating.

Eclectic-style decor originally began in the late 19th or early 20th century when architectural pioneers prided themselves on the fact that they didn’t conform to any specific style, then set about doing their own thing.

Characteristics of the Eclectic Style and Design

Eclectic style is characterized by the absence of rules and organization. It is frequently established by combining and matching a few different sorts of home décor looks to form a coherent, intentional theme for the room in question.

Even while there is no definitive guideline for quickly recreating eclectic style (and the best way to do so is to develop your own), there are several characteristics that are shared by all styles.

Using a variety of patterns:  Distinguishing characteristics of eclectic design. Few things are completely matched, but patterns are carefully blended to create a cohesive look.

Global influences: If you enjoy traveling and discovering new places, eclectic home design is for you. Often, worldly decor and inspiration can be seen interlaced throughout an eclectic home’s design.

Old and New Style: Bringing together multiple time periods into one wonderfully designed room is customary in an eclectic home, which typically has both vintage and contemporary elements.

Unexpected touches of decor: While everything has its place in an eclectic home, you will frequently come across unexpected accents. Consider the use of trunks as a coffee table or transparent stools at a breakfast bar.

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Because of this premise, many people mistakenly believe that an eclectic style is a free-form approach to decorating when the true eclectic style is quite deliberate and well-thought-out.

It is not enough to simply toss items together; rather, it is necessary to combine décor styles in a way that is completely planned.

Interior Design is taught in this program

Exotic interior designers tend to mix and match aspects from several design schools, resulting in a maximalist look that makes a diverse statement.

How Does Eclectic Style Work in interior design?

Eclectic style is a sort of interior design that incorporates a variety of various styles and motifs to create a distinctive appearance.

It’s common for eclectic design to be inspired by a single overarching theme, such as boho eclectic design, which adheres to the same principles of eclectic room ideas while also adhering to a Bohemian aesthetic.

Another example is glam eclectic design, which employs a more saturated and lively palette to create a more “glamorous” and vibrant feel.

The name “eclecticism” is derived from the Greek word eklektikos, which means “selected” in English. Eclectic design first appeared in Europe throughout the nineteenth century as a way for architects to produce one-of-a-kind designs while still preserving some elements of classic style.

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, the city of Paris was the birthplace of the eclectic style that we know and love today.

The École des Beaux-Arts, one of the city’s most prestigious architecture and design schools, was renowned for its decorative arts program, which brought students from all over the world together in a setting where they could collaborate and invent completely new styles of furniture and interior design.

Some of these pupils were American architects who returned to France and carried the Beaux-Art style with them, giving buildings a traditional and historic design with updated, modern flourishes and flourishes.

There are three distinguishing characteristics of eclectic design.

Eclectic home design is characterized by a wide yet carefully curated combination of aesthetic and practical elements.

1. Using a variety of visual components in combination: Eclectic design is built on the foundation of combining prints, patterns, and textures. Eclectic decor pulls together a variety of shapes, compositions, and design elements that would otherwise be incompatible with one another in order to offer another dimension or layer of interest.

2. A fusion of modern and traditional design elements: Eclectic design incorporates elements from a variety of time periods. If you look closely, you may notice vintage furniture mixed with minimalist art and architecture. You can also come across a bathroom designed in the mid-century modern style, replete with French Renaissance touches.

3. It has been meticulously curated: It may appear that eclectic interior design is simple, but it requires careful consideration of the different aspects to ensure that everything works together. There is frequently a unifying element or theme, like as color, texture, or a specific focal point, that runs throughout the design.

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5 Tips for Creating an Eclectic Design in Your Home

Here is a rundown of a few ideas to consider when designing your eclectic interior.

1. Select a hue that brings everything together: A color palette can assist you in bringing together the many distinct parts of your room. Decide on a few colors that will be used throughout your design plan.

This color palette can be repeated in your area rug, throw pillows, side tables, and floor lamps, especially if they’re from various design schools and have a similar feel.

2. Create a focal point for your audience: Accent walls, gallery walls, or a statement piece of furniture can assist direct the viewer’s attention to the intended location in a room by creating a focal point.

The style of this piece might also serve as a guide for the remainder of the design selections in your room.

3. Patterns, prints, and textures can be mixed and matched. The combination of different materials can have a considerable impact on the way a room seems and feels visually and aurally.

Some of the same mismatched patterns and textures should be repeated throughout your area to help achieve aesthetic harmony.

4. Style genres should be mixed:  Eclectic interiors might have a few features from a variety of different design disciplines. Play around with different combinations of collectibles or featured goods to get an idea of what works well together.

For example, your French Victorian coffee table might surprise you by working quite well in your art deco living room. Your minimalist gallery wall might be the ideal focal point for your Memphis-themed dining area, depending on its size and shape.

5. Make use of negative space: In an eclectic area, negative space might provide a welcome respite for the viewer’s eye.

Maintain a sense of balance in your eclectic interior design by using neutral hues and blank spaces to avoid overwhelming the viewer’s attention or making the room appear congested.

Questions People Are Asking

What is the definition of an eclectic design style?

The eclectic design incorporates elements from several time periods and styles, which are brought together through the use of color, texture, shape, and finish.

While the color scheme can be varied, it is better to keep with a few neutrals to help tie all of the parts together. Dimensions:


What are the many kinds of eclecticism?

When it comes to eclectic style, it’s all about harmony and the blending of disparate elements such as different styles, textures, and colors to create a cohesive, beautifully realized space that wouldn’t look out of place in a home décor magazine. This is one design style that requires creativity and an excellent eye.


What exactly qualifies as eclectic?

“Eclectic” is a prominent adjective in the world of interior design, and it refers to a style that incorporates a variety of elements from different time periods, styles, and trends, as well as different colors and textures.

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Is it a good idea to have a varied style?

Keep in mind that eclectic style is all about individuality. It’s a wonderful opportunity to personalize your space with items you adore while also showcasing what is important to you. Records are used as wall art in this space, and they significantly improve the overall appearance and feel of the space.

What exactly is antique eclecticism?

Vintage Eclecticism is a style that incorporates various pieces from various styles and eras to create a contemporary design space. Eclectic style is defined as taking many elements from various sources and combining them artistically for another purpose; for example, taking many elements from various sources and combining them artistically for another purpose.

What is the definition of an eclectic living room?

Eclectic style is all about combining different components, and it encompasses a wide spectrum of aesthetics ranging from bohemian to more formal and refined.

An eclectic living room design could have sofas and chairs that are all different in style but are still cohesive because of the other components in the design, such as the patterns, colors, and lighting, that bring the area together.

What is rustic interior design and how does it differ from other styles?

Rustic interior design is a design style that is raw, rustic, weathered, and casual in its appearance. The style is broad and includes a variety of styles, including Tuscan, seaside, cottage, and modern rustic.

Wood that has been weathered and left to its natural state is one of the most common materials used to create a rustic style interior.

What is minimalist interior design and how does it differ from other styles?


Design with a minimalist Aesthetic

Contemporary minimalist interior design is related to modern interior design in that it entails employing only the minimum requirements to create a simple and uncluttered environment. It is distinguished by its simplicity, clean lines, and use of a monochromatic color palette, with the addition of a splash of color as an accent.

What is it about a room that is eclectic?

Eclectic interior design is a style that incorporates elements of several different design styles into a single room in an artistic manner.

It incorporates a casual combination of furnishings and decor that draws inspiration from a wide range of styles. Eclectic interior design frequently incorporates vibrant colors and patterns, as well as unexpected accents.


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