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Top 25 highest-paying affiliate programs for 2022 [High Pay for Newcomers]



Top 25 Highest-Paying Affiliate Programs for 2022

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Top 25 highest-paying affiliate programs for 2022 


What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is a type of marketing strategy where a company will pay an individual to promote their products, services, or website.

Affiliate programs are one of the most popular online marketing strategies. They are used by many different types of businesses and can be used to generate sales and traffic for any kind of business.

The affiliate program is a type of marketing strategy where an individual will promote another company’s products, services, or website in return for a commission on any sales that they generate.

How to Choose Which Program is Right for You?

There are a lot of affiliate programs out there and it can be difficult to find the one that best suits your needs.

There are many benefits of joining an affiliate program. It can help you earn passive income, it’s a great way to test your skills in marketing, and it can help you build up your own marketing empire.

The top 3 programs that should be on your radar are Flippa, Amazon Associates and Clickbank.

What are the MOST Important Factors When Choosing a Program or Network?

When choosing an affiliate program or network, it is important to consider the following factors:

1. The payout

2. The number of products/services offered

3. The number of people in the network

4. Reputation and Trustworthiness

5. Cost per sale/lead

6. Competition within the industry

Is it possible for affiliate marketing to benefit your company?

To attract quality traffic to your website and earn new consumers, affiliate marketing is a terrific strategy.

By offering your affiliates lucrative commissions, they will be motivated to work for you, developing content and bringing in qualified prospects that you would not otherwise have received through other marketing tactics.

Because of this, it is critical to have an excellent affiliate program that is intriguing enough to attract the attention of high-traffic publishing sites.

Is it possible for you to have faith in the quality of your product or service?

Do you realize how many people are in need of it?

Do you have a sufficient supply of goods and a well-organized logistics system in place?

If this is the case, affiliate marketing can be an excellent strategy for your company.

Is it possible that your competitors are using Affiliate Marketing?

Monitoring your competitors’ activities is an excellent habit to keep up with the latest trends. If they are employing affiliate marketing, make sure to look into their affiliate programs. What exactly do they have to offer? How?

Learning from them is a terrific method to get a glimpse of your own potential in the world of affiliate marketing. Is there an in-house affiliate program, or do they partner with an affiliate network to promote their products?

Do Affiliate Networks make for good business partners?

It is unquestionably true that affiliate networks can assist you in the success of your affiliate program.

These networks are professionals at matching advertisers with the most appropriate publications across a wide range of niches.

They provide all of the tools necessary to monitor affiliate activity, making it easier for you as an advertiser as well as for your affiliates to do business with them.

Affiliate networks, such as lemonads®, also assume the duty of paying your affiliates on time and accurately using a variety of payment channels, such as Paypal, paxum, e-banking, or wire transfer, among others.

What factors influence the selection of affiliate programs by publishers?

As previously said, one of the most critical aspects of an affiliate program is to make it appealing to publisher participants. They will put in a lot of effort into developing content that is interesting enough for their target audience to click on and purchase from them.

We recommend that you consider the publisher to be your initial client. The way you plan to develop your program will determine how well you will be able to sell them on the notion of working with you.

What are the Best Affiliate Programs in the Market Today?

Affiliate marketing is a popular method of monetizing websites with the help of affiliate programs. There are many affiliate programs available in the market today and it can be hard to choose which ones to join.

This guide will help you find the best affiliate program for your website based on factors like payout, exclusivity, and ease of use.

To begin, if you do not already have a website for affiliate marketing, I propose that you create one using a managed WordPress solution.

To get started with your affiliate site, you can read my article on how to build a blog or my web hosting reviews.

Finally, you can host an affiliate website with Bluehost for as little as $2.95 per month.

To begin, I’d want to discuss my top selection – Fiverr.

OUR BEST PICK:  Fiverr is the best overall affiliate program.

While this post covers a variety of different affiliate topics, there is one affiliate program that covers all the bases and is the simplest to advertise.

That affiliate program is Fiverr

OUR BEST PICK:  Fiverr is the best overall affiliate program.


Fiverr is comparable to Amazon in terms of digital services.

By becoming a Fiverr affiliate, you will have the opportunity to promote the world’s largest marketplace for online services.

The possibilities are numerous, ranging from logo design and writing to programming, WordPress gigs, and business services.

And after marketing these services, affiliates earn up to $150 CPA for each new buyer or up to $1,000 per sale using their hybrid $10 CPA/10% rev share model (service prices start at $10,000).

Additionally, they enable affiliates to promote specific gigs directly on their blog articles with Fiverr Gig Ads:

Overall, with over 250 categories and over 3 million digital services to promote, Fiverr is the best affiliate network in my opinion.

Begin your Fiverr affiliate career today.

Now, let’s proceed to the complete list.

Which Affiliate Programs Are the Best?




Web hosting is the first on the list since it is one of the most popular affiliates marketing categories worldwide.

A host is required for each new website.

As a result, the majority of affiliates that write about marketing, launching an internet business, or blogging begin their affiliation with a web hosting affiliate program.

Finally, web hosting businesses offer some of the most lucrative affiliate programs and commissions, which is why they rank first on my list.

The following are my top 25 best selections for the highest-paying affiliate programs.


#1. Bluehost

web hosting business
Top 25 highest-paying affiliate programs for 2022 [High Pay for Newcomers] 101

As a web hosting business, Bluehost’s affiliate program is extremely popular. With monthly plans starting at $2.95 and one-time payments starting at $65+, the barrier to entry is low, but the commissions are significant.

As a result, they are an easy way for affiliate bloggers to earn money online.

Once you’ve joined their program, you’ll receive credit for recommendations up to 45 days following the initial click.

Payments are made between the 16th and the last day of each month, and you must have a minimum balance of $100 to receive your payment.

By promoting Bluehost, you’ll benefit from great conversion rates and immediate access to text links and banners. Their affiliate managers provide fantastic customer service, and they are my top recommendation.

For more information, you can read my whole evaluation of the Bluehost Affiliate Program.

And if you’re still in need of a host for your affiliate website, use my link below to save 63% on a Bluehost plan.

#2. Hostinger.

Hostinger is yet another major web hosting platform
Top 25 highest-paying affiliate programs for 2022 [High Pay for Newcomers] 102

Hostinger is yet another major web hosting platform that offers affiliates a tiered commission structure of up to $150 per sale.

Their affiliate partner program pays a base commission of approximately $60, with the possibility of earning up to $150.

And, because their small business and WordPress hosting services are always discounted by 90%, they have high conversion rates.

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As is the case with many other site providers, they provide banners and promotional tools to assist new affiliates.

If you’re still in need of launching an affiliate website, use my link below to save 90% on a Hostinger account.

#3. Elementor.

Elementor's online community has over 100,000 members.
Top 25 highest-paying affiliate programs for 2022 [High Pay for Newcomers] 103

Elementor is a drag-and-drop website builder. Elementor enables web designers to create gorgeous, feature-rich WordPress websites without the need for coding.

Collaboration is necessary for success – Elementor’s online community has over 100,000 members.

There, web producers exchange ideas, recommendations, and critiques, organize meetups, and encourage one another’s professional development.

Elementor’s affiliate program gives a 50% commission on all sales and five different pricing tiers ranging from $49 to $999 per year. This diverse range of pricing tiers enables affiliates to more strategically promote multiple premium programs to targeted audiences.

Elementor is a prominent choice for web hosting and WordPress bloggers, with some affiliates making over $10,000.

4. Cloudways.

Cloudways' web hosting affiliate program

Cloudways’ web hosting affiliate program rewards affiliates with substantial commissions, long-term recurring commissions, and three customizable payout models.

You can earn up to $125 per sale for one-time rewards, depending on your performance tier. Additionally, you can use their hybrid model and earn $30 for each sale in addition to a 7% monthly lifetime commission for the customer’s lifetime.

Cloudways gives its affiliates with real-time tracking, as well as a performance dashboard that displays clicks, conversions, and other specific data.

Additionally, they have outstanding account managers (whom I personally know) and helpful tools such as onboarding emails, guidelines, monthly newsletters, benchmark articles, and blog posts.

You may join the Cloudways affiliate program by clicking the link below.

5. HostGator.

HostGator plans.

You may earn up to $100 per signup and receive different compensation structures as well as co-branded landing pages and offers when you promote HostGator.

For instance, I have a landing page for HostGator on which readers can save 60% on HostGator plans.

Additionally, they offer tiered revenue structures; the more affiliates you refer, the more commissions you earn. You can opt for a performance-based commission model or a hybrid commission plan that includes regular payments.

By becoming an affiliate, you’ll receive a specialized affiliate account manager and marketing tools such as banners, text links, high-quality article material, and email templates. They’re also an excellent web server for anyone creating an affiliate website.

Click the link below to save 60% on HostGator web hosting.

6. GreenGeeks

web host, you should check out GreenGeeks.

If your users are seeking for a user-friendly (as well as environmentally responsible) web host, you should check out GreenGeeks.

Are you aware that your website generates carbon dioxide?

GreenGeeks is attempting to change this by substituting renewable energy credits for three times the amount of energy consumed from the grid.

By becoming an affiliate, you can earn up to $125 per sale, depending on your success and visitor volume.

GreenGeeks has paid over $3.5 million to their affiliates over the years and provides specialized account managers and helpful reporting tools to ensure your success.

7. WP Engine.

WP Engine offers one of the highest affiliate commissions

WP Engine offers one of the highest affiliate commissions in the industry, starting at $200. They are a robust site hosting platform and a top choice for writers who write about WordPress plugins and themes.

Their program includes incentives and tiers of pricing. If you make five sales, you will earn an additional $100.

You will receive $250 for ten purchases. Additionally, they provide a two-tier affiliate scheme in which you may earn $50 for each sub-affiliate you introduce to their platform.

WP Engine’s industry-leading 180-day cookie lifetime ensures that revenues are credited up to six months after visitors click your affiliate link.

The sole disadvantage is that their product is more expensive than those offered by other web providers, which results in lower conversion rates.

I know several individuals who have handled the WP Engine affiliate program and are committed to the success of their affiliates.

8. Liquid Web.

Liquid Web has its own affiliate network

Liquid Web has its own affiliate network and compensates affiliates at a rate of 150% per cent of sales, which ranges between $150 and $7,000 each sale.

They have exceptional account managers and a two-tiered structure. This enables you to earn a tiny commission on purchases produced through your two-tier link by other affiliates (like mine in this article).

If you’re looking for a high-paying affiliate marketing scheme, have a look at Liquid Web.

9. Sendinblue.

Sendinblue is a marketing and sales platform that includes a dedicated CRM, email marketing software, and a landing page builder.

Affiliates earn commissions on both leads and sales generated through their program. For example, if you suggest a free user to Sendinblue, you will earn 5€ and an additional 100€ for each paying customer.

Payments are made fast and reliably via PayPal or bank transfer, based on my experience with them.

They offer a lengthy cookie duration of 90 days and real-time tracking using Tapfiliate.

Because they are a well-known and established marketing platform, their conversion rates from click to lead and lead to the sale are extremely high.

In general, if you’re writing to an audience in need of a comprehensive suite of marketing tools, advertising Sendinblue through their affiliate program is a great option.

VPN Affiliate Programs

VPN on a monthly basis
Top 25 highest-paying affiliate programs for 2022 [High Pay for Newcomers] 104

Next, we’re moving to VPNs.

Since 2013, about 25% of worldwide internet users have utilized a VPN on a monthly basis, and the market continues to increase year after year.

Due to the exploding popularity of this technology, all types of affiliate websites can recommend to their visitors setting up a private internet connection.

Indeed, I joined the bandwagon with my essay on the 9 Best VPN Services.

Additionally, I utilize a VPN to safeguard my internet connection when using public WiFi, to stream Netflix while travelling abroad, and to conduct keyword research while assuming another location.

Due to the fact that many organizations charge a monthly cost for access to their online services, affiliates often earn a regular payment or a substantial one-time payout for new users.

It’s one of the most popular affiliate categories, with a plethora of excellent programs to choose from.

Here are our best VPN affiliate programs.

StrongVPN has offered a popular affiliate program

1. PureVPN.

PureVPN’s affiliate program is one of the most enjoyable, with contests, a reward system, and customized notifications notifying you when you make a transaction. As with the others on this list, they give 100% for the first month and 40% for longer agreements.

2. Surfshark VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Surfshark VPN is a major VPN company whose mission is to make online privacy accessible to everyone.

Additionally, it enables you to access content that is prohibited or unavailable in certain countries, including blocked streaming services.

Affiliates can earn a 40% revenue share on each membership sold by marketing Surfshark. Due to the product’s extremely competitive pricing and breadth of features, it converts effectively in a wide variety of markets.

#3. IPVanish.

IPVanish is one of the top VPN services available and offers some of the highest rewards in the industry.

1-month package: 100%, then 35% recurring. 3-month package: 40% off, then 35% on a recurring basis. Packages of one and two years are 40%, then 30% recurring.

#4. ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN, founded in 2009, is one of the most popular solutions for users wishing to secure their online anonymity. They provide significant one-time payouts dependent on the length of the subscription a user chooses: 1 month costs $13, 6 months costs $22, and 12 months costs $36.

#5. NordVPN.

NordVPN’s compensation structure is based on the subscription plan selected by the consumer, with 100% commission for one-month plans and 40% commission for six-month, one-year, and two-year plans.

Additionally, they have high conversion rates and dedicated account managers to assist you in increasing revenue.

#6. StrongVPN.

Since 2006, StrongVPN has offered a popular affiliate program. They pay monthly and provide commissions of up to 200 per cent on sales made.

Website Affiliate Programs

After web hosting and VPNs, website builders like Wix and Squarespace are a close second.

As with bloggers, the first step in building a website is selecting a web host; the same is true for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Additionally, because paying customers often stay for 24-36 months and have a high lifetime value (LTV), SaaS companies can pay more than 100% of the monthly sale price.

My top selections for the greatest website and e-commerce affiliate programs are as follows:

Brand Commission Rate Cookie Duration
1. Wix $100 per sale+ 90 days
2. BigCommerce 200%+ 30 days
3. Shopify 200% 90 days
4. ClickMeter 90% 90 days
5. Superb Themes Up to 60% 30 days
6. AliDropship 50% 30 days
7. Weebly 30% recurring 120 days
8. ReferralCandy $20 cash 30 days
9. Sellfy 25% recurring 90 days
10. 3dcart 300% 45 days
11. Site123 $100-$182 30 days

#1. Wix.

Wix is a high-quality website builder with an insane 100 million users. They provide their affiliates with $100 per sale to start out and feature a lot of great landing pages to use in multiple languages.

Plus, using Wix is one of the simplest (and cheapest) ways to create a simple website to add and monetize affiliate links.

#2. Shopify.

Shopify is the most popular e-Commerce website builder in the world, with over 400,000 merchants and a generous commission of 200% per cent on paid stores.

Their brand recognition translates into consistent conversion rates. Additionally, their website includes informative affiliate FAQs and promotion ideas.

#2. BigCommerce.

BigCommerce is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) e-commerce platform used by over 60,000 retailers. Due to their built-in features and excellent functionality, they are renowned as the e-commerce platform of choice for developing brands.

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Their e-commerce affiliate network pays a substantial 200% per cent commission on the price of the plan, which means you can earn $60, $160, $250, or $1,500 each paying customer. They offer a 90-day cookie and offer banners, text links, and a weekly affiliate newsletter that includes content templates and SEO assistance.

Additionally, I am prejudiced because I was their Affiliate Manager in 2018 and am aware of how amazing the program is.

4. ClickMeter.

ClickMeter is a website link tracking service that pays up to 90% commission on each sale made through your referral. Their affiliate program is powered by Shareasale, and they have a dedicated affiliate team.

You can earn up to $891 every sale! I placed them on the top of this list due to their high commission rate and helpful affiliate team.

5. Superb Themes.

Superb Theme is a firm that creates beautiful WordPress themes and publishes a lot of useful knowledge about the platform.

If you wish to advertise WordPress themes to your audience, you can make up to 60% profit on each sale and even receive annual recurring commissions. Additionally, they have a dedicated affiliate manager and a 30-day cookie duration.

6. AliDropship.

AliDropship is a dropshipping e-commerce platform with two distinct solutions – a full online store and its add-ons, plugins, and themes.

Their affiliate network offers trial access to plugins, a 30-day cookie window, advertisements, and content templates, as well as up to 50% commission on sales, which means you can earn up to $869 on a single sale. They make prompt PayPal payments.

7. Weebly.

Weebly is a straightforward website builder with a whopping 40 million users. Although it is not the most advanced website builder, its drag-and-drop interface makes it quite easy to create a simple website. They offer a 30% recurring commission for the duration of the customer’s active status and a generous 120-day cookie window.

8. ReferralCandy.

ReferralCandy is the greatest online store referral program software. For instance, their platform enables e-commerce companies to offer clients incentives such as “10% off for your friends, 6% off for you.” Each time you suggest an e-commerce store to ReferralCandy, you earn $20 in cash.

9. Sellfy.

Sellfy is a feature-rich e-commerce platform designed for bloggers and artists interested in selling specialized products online, such as digital products, subscriptions, and physical goods.

Their affiliate program pays a recurring commission of 25% for a period of one year. They have a good affiliate manager who, from what I’ve heard, can assist affiliates with content creation and other collaborations.

10. 3D Cart.

3dcart is a rapidly developing e-commerce platform that hosts its own affiliate network and pays up to 300% per cent on premium conversions. They have consistent conversion rates and helpful Affiliate Managers.

11. Site123.

Site123 is another well-known website builder that enables you to construct mobile-friendly websites with a large selection of themes and an easy-to-use interface. Their affiliate program pays you up to $182 in earnings, and you can withdraw funds after earning $300 in commissions.

Affiliate Networks.

Next, let’s pause and move over to affiliate networks!.

When finding affiliate programs to join, you could go to a search engine like Google and search for individual programs, scour the Internet for hours, and eventually discover ones that match your interests.

However, it’s much faster to join an affiliate network where you can view thousands of programs in one place.

By searching through their marketplace, you can easily view program rates, cookie durations, average EPCs, and more.

What are affiliate networks?

Affiliate networks act as a go-between for merchants selling products and affiliates promoting them.

Affiliate networks enable publishers (affiliates) to look for and join programs offered by brands (advertisers) in a single location.

On the other hand, they enable companies to reach a broader audience by recruiting affiliates through the network.

There are further advantages. You can compare commissions among programs, ensure quick payment, and track all affiliate connections using their affiliate systems.

How can I determine which affiliate network is the best?

Which networks you join ultimately depends on your entire plan and the products you wish to sell.

The following are the most important factors to consider when picking amongst the best.

1. There are a large number of retailers in your niche.

Some networks concentrate in specific verticals such as fashion, beauty products, and home goods, whereas others may have a greater number of B2B brands and business merchants on their roster.

Make certain that the network contains a significant number of merchants that are relevant to your niche if you’re writing for a blogging platform.

2. Confirm that they are completely free of charge.

It should never be necessary to pay to become a member. Networks make money by charging their merchants a variety of fees, including set-up fees, monthly fees, and even a share of affiliate earnings.

If you come across one that is attempting to charge you to join, go away as quickly as possible.

3. Exceptional levels of customer service.

All networks provide some level of assistance, although some are more effective than others.

To determine which network offers the finest 24/7 assistance via phone, email, and live chat software, look at the network’s features and platform reviews to make the best decision.

4. Merchants who are prompt in their payments.

Following the discovery of an affiliate network with merchants that are a good match for your speciality, the following step is to ensure that you will be able to earn a substantial amount of money from your sales.

It’s important to remember that average affiliate commissions (which vary based on the vertical) range from 5-30 per cent.

You should do some math when you are scanning the list of merchants to determine their prospective earnings and product prices in order to optimize your revenue.


What Are the Best Affiliate Networks?

Now that you know what to look for when choosing a network, here are my picks for the best affiliate networks.

1. Impact.

The impact is a full-featured partnership

The impact is a full-featured partnership relationship management (PRM) software that links leading brands with publications.

In order to participate in affiliate programs from thousands of popular brands such as Uber and Airbnb as well as Adidas and Allstate, affiliates must first join the network and apply to those programs.

Brands who want to start their own affiliate program can do so through Impact, which provides them with access to the greatest partnership tools available.

Brands and advertising can benefit from Impact’s assistance with:

  • Affiliate partnerships
  • Business development deals
  • Analytics and attribution
  • Influencer marketing partnerships
  • Custom contracts

Optimizing channel agreements can be difficult, but Impact’s technology simplifies the process by consolidating partner programs onto a single platform.

In the event that you are a brand trying to develop a partnership program, Impact is the most effective platform to utilise.

2. ShareAsale

Shareasale is a big affiliate network.


In addition to having over 3,900 merchants and over 1 million affiliates, Shareasale is a big affiliate network. Since opening their doors 19 years ago, they’ve established themselves as industry leaders.

Fashion, home and garden, food and beverage, and business-to-business are some of the most popular verticals to promote for them. But there are a plethora of others.

Additionally, they offer excellent services such as affiliate marketing seminars, training webinars, merchant recommendations, and marketing tools to assist you in increasing your revenue.

In terms of technology, their platform is very dependable. In particular, the Shareasale platform makes it simple to obtain affiliate links and reporting tools, and they take great satisfaction in their transparency, speed, efficiency, and accuracy in their operations.

If you’re just getting started and want to dip your toes into affiliate marketing, I propose that you sign up as an affiliate with Shareasale first.

For merchants searching for affiliates to advertise their items, there is an option to register as a merchant.


3. CJ by Conversant

CJ by Conversant (previously Commission Junction)

CJ by Conversant (previously Commission Junction) is an affiliate network that has been in operation for more than two decades in the online marketing sector.

It is estimated that they process an amazing $15 billion in annual sales through their network, with $1.8 billion in commissions given out to affiliates.

If you’re wanting to work with some of the world’s most well-known companies, being a CJ affiliate is an excellent opportunity.

CJ partners with a variety of retailers, including brands such as,, GoPro, Lowe’s, and Office Depot, among others.

On the publisher’s side, they work with well-known names such as CNN, Time, Digg, and Buzzfeed to promote their products.

One disadvantage of having such fierce competition is that it can be difficult for new affiliates to gain allowed to work with larger merchants as a result of the high level of competition.

If you want to collaborate with them, you’ll have to be innovative with your email outreach.

CJ, on the other hand, is a good platform to join because of its free and simple setup, superb real-time reporting, and dependable monthly payments.

Consider joining CJ by Conversant if you are a seasoned affiliate who wants to work with some of the world’s most well-known businesses (formerly Commission Junction).


4. Rakuten LinkShare

Affiliate network Rakuten (previously known as LinkShare)

Affiliate network Rakuten (previously known as LinkShare) has been in operation since 1996 and is owned by Rakuten Inc.

Despite the fact that they have been in business for a longer period of time than most, they are not as huge as CJ by Conversant.

Nonetheless, they have a selection of over 1,000 merchants to choose from, which includes several well-known brands such as New Balance, Pac Sun, Ray-Ban, and Sephora.

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What distinguishes them from the rest?

When marketing your merchants, Rakuten provides a very intuitive user interface, advanced deep linking options, and the ability to create revolving banners to help you stand out from the crowd.

The setup process is simple. Also included are superb transaction reporting and tutorial videos to assist you in getting up and running and maximizing earnings.

There are, however, a few negatives to consider. For starters, they don’t have nearly as many merchants as they used to.

It may be necessary to augment your affiliate income by joining another network as a result of this disadvantage, which may limit your capacity to sell from a diverse selection of different brands.

They also have unpredictable payment schedules, so you may not receive commissions at the same time each month as you would expect. These aren’t deal-breakers, but they’re worth mentioning anyway.

Finally, if you’re an affiliate who has already signed up with larger platforms and is looking to broaden your reach, you should consider joining the Rakuten affiliate network.

5. Lemonads

Lemonads Affiliate Network
Top 25 highest-paying affiliate programs for 2022 [High Pay for Newcomers] 105

With over 10,000 businesses that affiliates can promote, Lemonads is a performance marketing network with which affiliates can earn commissions.

When affiliates sign up and become members of their platform, they gain access to a variety of features, including:

  • The best CPA offerings from the most reputable brands.
  • Automated affiliate link tools with reporting capabilities, allowing you to optimize your campaigns in real-time.
  • Payments are done quickly via wire transfer, PayPal, Paxum, and ePayments.
  • Customer service is provided through a variety of methods.


Within the first three months of implementing Lemonads, 85% per cent of publishers saw an increase in revenue.

If you’re an advertiser interested in joining their platform, you’ll find the following tools to be quite useful:


  • The following pay-per-performance models are available: CPA, CPS, CPL, and CPI.
  • Traffic from reliable sources has been monitored.
  • Fraud detection using artificial intelligence.
  • Results are being monitored in real-time.

Some other notable mentions are AwinAvangateViglinkPepperjam, and Clickbank.

In the business-to-consumer (B2C) consumer product niche, Clickbank provides a marketplace where you can advertise products from a wide range of industries such as food and beverage, health and fitness, nutrition, home and garden, and other related industries.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

A recurring reward is provided by some affiliate programs every month, although many of the finest affiliate programs only offer one-time CPA payouts after a sale has been made.

A recurring program is one in which an affiliate earns a commission for referring customers to a website’s product on a repeating (or monthly) basis, for example.

Listed here are some of my favourite reoccurring programs:

1. Buzzsprout.

This well-known podcast presenter offers a 20 per cent recurring compensation, and they even give new customers a $20 Amazon gift card to encourage them to subscribe in order to enhance conversion rates.

In addition to supporting Buzzsprout on my podcast hosting page, they offer a fantastic marketing manager who can assist with content ideas and promotion strategies.

2. Thinkific.

Thinkific is my favourite online course platform, and they provide their affiliate partners with a recurring commission of 30% on all of their sales. They are a rising company that is well-known in the industry, which helps to increase their conversion rates. They come highly recommended by me.

3. Loom.

Loom is a screen recording and video messaging software that is widely used. Their tool enables you to send expressive movies that can be recorded, shared, and viewed from any location in real-time. They have a robust affiliate program in PartnerStack that pays a 15% recurring fee and has a strong affiliate team to support it.

4. IPVanish.

IPVanish is on this list on a regular basis as well because they are the top VPN service on the market and have some of the best payments in the VPN industry, among other reasons. They also have a fantastic affiliate manager working for them.

5. Calendly.

Calendly is perhaps the most widely used scheduling tool on the market, as it eliminates the need for back and forth emails when setting up meetings and appointments.

The affiliate program at Calendly offers recurring income of 25 per cent to anyone who refers new customers to the company.

6. Wordable.

Wordable is a SaaS application that allows content authors to publish content from Google Docs to their content management system (CMS) (WordPress, HubSpot, Medium, Shopify, BigCommerce, and more).

They offer a 30 per cent monthly recurring commission on every sale, with options ranging from $100 per month for small businesses to $1,000 per month for large corporations.

7. ActiveCampaign.

As I mentioned above, ActiveCampaign is my preferred email marketing platform, and their affiliate program pays on a monthly basis. They provide commission tiers based on the quantity of sales you create, with the highest tier paying up to 30% of revenues.

They have over 6,000 affiliate partners, a partner portal with helpful affiliate resources, and a wonderful affiliate manager to help you succeed.

8. Pabbly.

When you join the Pabbly Affiliate Program, you will receive a 30 per cent lifetime recurring commission on every sale you make. They employ a 30-day cookie duration and make payments within 40 days after receiving the order.

9. Moosend.

Moosend is a well-known email marketing platform, and their affiliate program gives a recurring fee of 30 per cent on all sales. Aside from that, they feature an exceptionally helpful affiliate manager and a cookie duration of 120 days.

10. Netpeak Software

Netpeak Software creates solutions for professional search engine marketing specialists, such as the Netpeak Spider and Netpeak Checker, which are available for purchase.

A recurring revenue share of up to 30% is available, with an average monthly income per active affiliate ranging from $100 to $2000. They also offer specialized customer service as well as promo codes that may be shared with others to assist in generating leads.

11. AmoCRM.

amoCRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) program that is built on instant messaging. Right out of the gate, their program gives a recurring commission of 35% (which is not subject to expiration).

Furthermore, whenever you exceed $10k in revenue as a partner, that percentage is increased to 50%.

12. Leadpages.

In the world of landing page builders, Leadpages is a well-known tool that allows users to create web pages with forms and calls-to-action. Their affiliate program offers a 30 per cent commission that is reoccurring.

13. Teachable.

Teachable is an online course platform that enables bloggers and website owners to create courses that they can then sell to their students on their websites. They give a 30 per cent repeating payout to their customers.

14. GetResponse.

GetResponse is another email marketing solution that gives a recurring commission of 33 per cent to affiliates. They are another good email marketing affiliate network to consider joining.

15. SEMRush.

When it comes to online marketing, SEMRush is a powerful SEO tool that website owners may use to track keywords, conduct site audits, and view competition insights are all important.

It is called SEM-Rush, and they offer their affiliate partners a 40% commission on all sales made through their program.

16. Aweber

Aweber is an email marketing program that is particularly useful for organizations and marketing teams because of the variety of email templates and design elements available. It is possible to get a 30 per cent repeating rate.

17. ConvertKit.

ConvertKit is one of my favourite email marketing platforms, and it’s very useful for bloggers, as you can see here. They provide a graphic marketing automation builder that allows you to design triggers based on website actions as well as actions taken within emails themselves.

Their program is administered by a friend of mine, and they provide a 30 per cent discount per month.

18. PromoRepublic.

PromoRepublic is a fantastic social media management and scheduling application that is easy to use. They give commissions of up to 30% on sales, with an average monthly income per active affiliate ranging from $40 to $1,500. They also offer bonuses to top performers as well as coupon codes that may be shared with others to aid in the generation of sales.

19. Elegant Themes are number 19 on the list.

A WordPress theme library with 87 simple-to-use themes and more than 550,000 customers, Elegant Themes is a popular choice among web designers and developers.

In case you’re a blogger who wants to promote themes to your readers, you may direct traffic to Elegant Themes and receive a high ticket compensation of 50% recurring commission.

20. NinjaOutreach is the twenty-first.

NinjaOutreach is an all-in-one influencer marketing solution that can be used for any campaign.

It assists you in performing outreach, locating influencer email addresses, building email lists, and increasing the effectiveness of your content promotion activities. They used to give 50 per cent recurring revenue, but now only offer 20 per cent of revenue.

21. SpyFu is number twenty-one.

SpyFu is another SEO tool that focuses on gaining information into the competition. The data on a competitor’s top organic and paid keywords may be downloaded using their tool, which you can find here. They come with a persistent payment of 40% of the purchase price.

22. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is a software application that allows you to create sales funnels.

With ClickFunnels, you can create landing pages quickly and easily while earning a 40% commission on every sale.

In addition to assisting you in the creation of your own sales funnels, they provide a large number of different advertising and courses that you can promote, as well as an accessible dashboard from which you can collect your links.


We hope you enjoyed this article… What are your thoughts on Top 25 highest-paying affiliate programs for 2022?


Fact Check

We strive to provide the latest valuable information for our readers with accuracy and fairness. If you would like to add to this post or advertise with us, don’t hesitate to contact us.  If you see something that doesn’t look right, contact us!

Please feel free to share with us in the comments section below.

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How to Make Money

Generate profits gathering Barbie dolls



MoneyMagpie collecting barbies


Studying Time: 5 minutes

What a doll!

In honour of Worldwide Barbie Day on March 9 we’re right here to spherical up the right way to make cash gathering Barbie dolls. At 60 years previous and untouched by Botox, Barbie’s pulling energy stays defiantly undiminished. She is among the largest promoting toys in historical past, with over a billion dolls bought throughout six many years. A Barbie was purchased each three seconds in 2014, and her reputation hasn’t waned since.

The bombshell first burst, absolutely fashioned, onto the toy scene in 1959 and now, standing at just below 12 inches tall, she heads a enterprise price over two billion {dollars} a yr. Particular person dolls could be price 1000’s of kilos – some even into the a whole bunch of 1000’s.

That is all properly and good, however how will you reap the benefits of the profitable market in Barbies? We’ll take into consideration that on this article.


What to search for when gathering barbies

Make money collecting Barbie dolls

Like so many different collectibles, Barbie’s attraction holds true for each kids and adults – notably adults who weren’t allowed or couldn’t afford a Barbie of their very own as kids, or who now wish to accumulate Barbies as nostalgia objects.

The potential for any Barbie fan to create a singular and private assortment is countless. The query is, the place to start out?

Firstly, be sure you realise the three “eras” of Barbie dolls: The Classic Period (1959 – 72), The Trendy Period (after 72), and The Collectible Period, which was began by Mattel in 1986.

After all, there’s way more to look out for than that – right here’s what try to be conscious of in case you’re seeking to make cash from the Barbie universe.

Search for dolls which might be totally different

A variation in eye color or hair fashion could make them extra invaluable.

Attempt to maintain your dolls and outfits boxed

In different phrases, don’t play (or let your kids play) with them!

Though unboxed dolls are nonetheless saleable (one was auctioned in London saleroom for £2,500), boxed examples all the time fetch extra. For that reason many critical collectors purchase two of every doll, one to go away within the field and one to play with.

There are three important varieties of barbie collector

Classic, Pink Field and Collectible. And since there may be such an unlimited vary of Barbie merchandise to decide on between, collectors are likely to specialize in one small space.

Classic means manufactured earlier than 1972

Test the nation of manufacture to provide you an concept of a doll’s age. Pre-1973 Barbies have been made in Japan, USA, Mexico and Taiwan

Pink Field Barbies

These are toys specifically made for youngsters and are broadly obtainable, though they aren’t as invaluable because the older ones

Collector editions

Because the 80s, Mattel has launched a collection of Barbie Collector Version dolls annually. They vary from dolls dressed by high designers, to TV editions (Barbie and Ken as The X Recordsdata’ Mulder and Scully, for instance). Designed for show reasonably than play, a few of these will acquire in worth through the years.

The query is, which Barbies will acquire worth?

The trick for collectors is to foretell those that may grow to be collectible sooner or later. This can be a exhausting factor to do with out a crystal ball, however, as a rule of thumb, go for the fashions which might be most prized by at present’s little ladies. They’re those who pays over the chances in 20 or 30 years’ time for the dolls they couldn’t get their fingers on as kids.

If in flawless situation, Classic Barbies (which frequently have flexible legs and crimson hair) fetch astonishing costs, notably within the States. First rolling off the manufacturing line in 1959 and being produced till the late Sixties and promoting for $3 (£1.50), a Barbie from this era might promote for £25,000. Even on web public sale websites, many fashions and even equipment (so long as they’re in excellent situation) are altering fingers for upwards of £1,000. An unique black and white swim-suited 1959 boxed Barbie in mint situation can now fetch round £8,000.

  • Search for holes within the ft to see if it is among the earliest fashions.
  • Full units of outfits and equipment are collectible too. You may spend round £45 on a pair of tiny classic Barbie sunspecs. And one web site reasonably chillingly gives Barbie “physique elements,” though remember the fact that restoration could get the doll to look higher, it’ll possible spoil its worth to a collector.
  • Barbie Collectibles value between £50 and over £100.No matter you determine to stay with – 70s Barbies, Barbie footwear or ethnic Barbies – the necessary factor is to benefit from the dolls. In any other case there’s no level.


The place to search for barbie dolls

Make money collecting Barbie dolls

There are many specialist magazines and web sites round the place you’ll be able to see what is obtainable and examine costs. In case you are fortunate there could even be a collectors’ membership close by the place you’ll be able to decide up invaluable ideas.

The massive marketplace for Classic Barbies, garments and equipment is the USA, with dozens of devoted web sites. Definitely, in case you have a Barbie or two you observed is efficacious, you’re most certainly to get the perfect worth over there.

In terms of selecting up bargains, although, the devoted collector should still observe some down at auctions and automotive boot gross sales. Even the odd charity store could promote Barbies, however on this case they’re unlikely to be extremely invaluable.

Locations like Christie’s, South Kensington, can even worth Barbie objects from pictures in case you uncover a group within the attic. Christie’s solely sells plenty of £250 and above, however that may imply you get higher worth than you’d in case you purchased the objects individually on-line.

Don’t neglect to do a search on eBay for previous collectibles and take a look at the most recent bargains at Amazon – you would begin a group of at present’s Barbies handy right down to your kids’s kids.

Crack the lingo:

  • MIN (Mint In Field)
  • MNB (Mint No Field)
  • MIP (Mint In Bundle)
  • NRFB (By no means Faraway from Field)
  • HTF (Arduous To Discover)
  • A/O (All Authentic)
  • OSS (Authentic Swimsuit)
  • C1 – C10 – The grading system for Barbies, with C10 being the absolute best high quality (NRFB)
  • Personalized Dolls – Dolls created for a selected function
  • Mint & Full – Barbies which might be within the splendid situation, with all their equipment current

Sorts of Barbie:

  • #1 Ponytail – Authentic Barbie from 1959, with holes within the ft
  • #2 Ponytail – Authentic Barbie from 1959, with out holes within the ft
  • #3 Ponytail – From 1960
  • #4 Ponytail – From 1961
  • Twist ‘N Flip waist – Frequent characteristic of Barbies from the mid-Sixties onwards
  • Classic Barbie – All Barbies created earlier than 1972
  • Trendy Barbie – All Barbies created from 1972 onwards

High greenback: 1965 ‘Midnight Blue’ Barbie (£9,000 in September 2006)

Don’t hassle: 2000 Birthday needs Barbie (£9.99 in March 2012)




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10 Easy Methods to Get Paid to Textual content



shutterstock 362608319 scaled


Woman with cellphone
Daniel M Ernst /

Editor’s Notice: This story initially appeared on The Penny Hoarder.

The common American sends or receives over 40 textual content messages per day. What in the event you might really receives a commission for texting?

There are firms on the market keen to pay for texters. Some need educated professionals to offer SMS-based teaching.

Others need on a regular basis individuals to textual content their solutions to fast survey questions. And nonetheless others simply need you to obtain textual content messages, no motion required!

Learn on to study the most effective text-for-cash firms on the market — and the way a lot they pay.

The way to Get Paid for Sending Texts

Woman using a tablet
fizkes /

When you’ve ever signed up for a survey web site to make somewhat further money, you understand how it goes. Enroll. Reply 1,000,000 demographic questions. Anticipate a survey. Spend ages really answering survey questions. By the point you’re achieved, you’ve spent a number of time and power to make that greenback.

These text-based providers streamline the method. After sign-up, your job is fairly easy. Maintain a watch out for a textual content asking you a easy query. Then, reply with the reply.


Happy senior looking at his phone
fizkes /

25Clicks is a microtask website: It pays you to finish fast, easy duties on the web.

What sort of duties? Right here’s an actual, current instance.

  • Go to Google and seek for “area authority checker”
  • Click on on the Loganix web site
  • Click on the About web page and write a 1 message description
  • Reply to this message with the reply

It pays $0.50 per activity. It might probably all be accomplished by SMS (there’s an app however you don’t have to make use of it after sign-up).

Professional: Easy and simple. Common duties.

Con: Low total incomes potential.


Woman using a tablet
Evgeny Atamanenko /

1Q sends — you guessed it — one query. You receives a commission $0.25 per reply. You reply through textual content within the 1Q app, which is out there for iPhone and Android.

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Professional: Fast and straightforward.

Con: Questions are few and much between. Low incomes potential.


Woman using an app on her phone.

Do you could have medical, authorized or different particular experience? You might receives a commission to reply questions on JustAnswer.

Signing up with JustAnswer is extra concerned than different text-based providers. It’s essential present proof of knowledgeable diploma, certificates or equal expertise to be accepted.

When you’re in, nonetheless, you may make much more cash than with easy survey apps. The precise quantity varies primarily based in your buyer score. One RV professional advised Enterprise Insider that he beginning off making $4.50 per query and ending up making $21 per query. JustAnswer estimates this might add as much as an earnings of $2,000-$7,000 per 30 days.

You’ll be able to reply questions through textual content chat within the JustAnswer app.

Professional: Comparatively excessive incomes potential.

Con: Advanced, variable cost construction. Requires superior diploma or profession expertise.

The way to Get Paid for Receiving Texts

Senior man using smartphone
Prostock-studio /

Firms ship out textual content messages on a regular basis. To verify they’re going by means of efficiently, they recurrently check the networks.

However to check the community, they want check cellphone numbers. That’s the place you are available.

“By letting us ship textual content messages to your cellphone, you enable us to check and enhance cellular operations,” says McMoney, a number one SMS-testing app.

Execs: It’s virtually completely passive. All you must do is obtain texts.

Cons: SMS-testing apps are solely obtainable as APK information – that signifies that not solely are they Android solely, however they aren’t supplied on the Play retailer. You need to obtain them manually. As well as, payouts are very small. You’ll be able to count on to make a couple of dollars a yr.

Nonetheless ? Listed here are just a few choices.


Happy woman using smartphone in kitchen and thinking
miya227 /

McMoney is an SMS-testing app run by shopper expertise firm CM. Fee for texts varies by location from $0.01 to $0.06 per textual content. You’ll be able to count on at the very least one textual content per three days. Fee is PayPal solely.

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Woman with headphones using her phone while walking outdoors
mimagephotography /

One other standard SMS-testing app is MoneySMS. Customers obtain 0.02 euros, about $0.021 in U.S. {dollars}, per textual content. Payouts are solely in euros, Bitcoin, or Litecoin. If you’d like {dollars}, PayPal makes it straightforward to transform forex for a small charge.


Woman with new phone smiling
insta_photos /

SMSProfit pays $0.01 to $0.06 per textual content and sends one textual content per day. You’ll be able to obtain cost by means of PayPal or BitCoin.

The way to Get Paid for Premium Textual content Conversations

Woman with cellphone
Mangostar /

If you have already got a platform and a following — as an influencer, psychic, skilled chief or something in between — you would possibly attempt charging your followers for textual content conversations. These providers make it straightforward.


Excited woman looking at her phone /

When you enroll with Premium.Chat, you get a hyperlink to share together with your followers. They add their cost technique and request to talk with you. From there, you textual content or video chat in Premium.Chat’s browser-based app.

You’ll be able to set your individual charges inside a variety of $1 to $5.99 per minute. Premium.Chat takes 40% of your earnings till you begin making $10,000 complete per 30 days – from there, your share of earnings will increase.

Professional: Excessive incomes potential.

Con: Solely works you probably have a platform.


Happy woman checking out her phone
Oleksii Didok /

Fibler is one other platform for public figures to monetize chats with followers. If you join the Fibler app, you get a singular Fibler hyperlink. Your followers click on on it and will get despatched straight to your profile within the Fibler app.

From there, you possibly can set no matter charge you need for premium textual content chats. As a bonus, you may as well cost for stay video chats and pre-recorded webinars.

Professional: No hidden charges. Excessive incomes potential.

Con: Low incomes potential in the event you don’t have a platform.

Textual content-From-Dwelling Jobs

Man checking phone data usage
tawan75 /

Texting is usually a facet hustle, however can it even be a profession? There are bona fide jobs — part-time and full-time — that contain an entire lot of texting.

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Young woman looking thoughtful on her smartphone
fizkes /

CoachBit is an app designed to assist youngsters reach faculty.

The corporate is searching for Function Mannequin Coaches — part-time, distant employees who information college students by means of on-line research. Coaches talk by means of the CoachBit platform’s texting and voice be aware capabilities.

Fee is $600-$800 per 30 days, plus efficiency bonuses.

Professional: Regular cost.

Con: Requires a set schedule.


Man investing on his phone
panitanphoto /

Psychology grads searching for distant, text-based work: Ginger could also be for you. The psychological well being app is all the time searching for behavioral well being coaches. Based on a current job posting, “Ginger teaching is delivered completely by means of text-based-chat inside the Ginger app.”

Fee varies primarily based on expertise and position, however Glassdoor estimates round $50,000 per yr.

Professional: Regular cost.

Con: Requires specialised schooling. Hours might be robust — together with holidays and night time shift.

Working Options

Man holding a smartphone
Dragana Gordic /

Working Options is a customer support firm that requires candidates to have a headset and quiet space. That won’t sound like a texting job, however hear us out!

When you’re employed, you get to decide on which contracts you tackle. If you’d like, you possibly can go for purely text-based roles. Fee varies relying on the contract, however employees report making about $15 an hour.

Professional: No superior diploma required.

Con: Jobs range — so does cost.

Construct Your Personal Textual content Service

Happy young woman on her new phone
Dean Drobot /

Need to textual content for cash however not impressed by any of those choices? You’ll be able to all the time construct your individual textual content service. By arising with an concept and posting it on a freelancing platform, you possibly can textual content for money by yourself phrases.


A young woman happy with her new cellphone plan texting outdoors
Mila Supinskaya Glashchenko /

The Fiverr market is stuffed with text-based providers. Are you interested by consulting? Gross sales? Courting recommendation? There’s someone on Fiverr providing all these providers by textual content. Why not you?

Professional: Completely versatile. You select what to do and what to cost.

Con: Lots of competitors.



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How to Make Money

10 Finest Apps Like OfferUp in 2023



sites like offer up


OfferUp is an app that helps you purchase and promote regionally and throughout the nation. The platform has labored to make shopping for and promoting gadgets easy in addition to protected.

Whereas it’s straightforward to immediately join with consumers and sellers by way of the OfferUp app, the platform shouldn’t be the one possibility within the area. 

However how do apps like OfferUp evaluate, and which apps are finest so that you can use? Listed here are the most effective opponents to OfferUp.

Finest Websites Like OfferUp

OfferUp calls itself the biggest cell market for native consumers and sellers. While you use the OfferUp app, you possibly can submit your itemizing in as little as 30 seconds.

Nonetheless, different apps make it simply as straightforward to record your gadgets or discover merchandise on the market. These are the highest alternate options to OfferUp that is likely to be a greater match on your wants.

1. 5miles

Amazon 5miles home

5miles focuses on shopping for and promoting regionally (ideally inside 5 miles, therefore the title). 

While you go to the 5miles web site, it would ask you to decide on a selected location. From there, it would present you the entire gadgets on the market in that location. You’ll be able to type by class and see listings from surrounding areas. 

As with OfferUp, profiles on 5miles present scores, messaging capabilities and id verification by way of Fb so you possibly can work with different members you’re feeling are reliable.

Much like OfferUp, there are restricted purchase/promote charges. 5miles does cost charges whenever you promote greater than 5 autos, have 5 auto elements listings or create 5 listings for tires/wheels.

They’ll additionally cost a charge whenever you promote a job or storage sale. 

2. Craigslist

Craigslist is among the many longest-standing buy-and-sell websites. It hasn’t modified a lot by way of construction or simplicity because it launched.

The positioning continues to be free to make use of, and it lets you purchase and promote all the pieces from electronics to vehicles to clothes. With the appropriate method, you possibly can promote stuff shortly on Craigslist. 

Whereas the location doesn’t significantly concentrate on security utilizing instruments equivalent to profiles and scores, they do have an inventory of security ideas members can use.

Be aware that you’ll pay charges to promote on Craigslist in case you’re promoting sure sorts of listings. Listings for condo leases and vehicles offered from dealerships have charges. 

3. eBay

eBay works like OfferUp and has a worldwide attain with over 130 million energetic consumers. 

With eBay, you possibly can set a specified sale worth or put your gadgets up on a bidding system whenever you promote. You select the size of the public sale and promote to the best bidder.

There are charges for promoting on eBay. Relying on what you’re promoting, you’ll pay between 3% and 15percentl. You’ll even have fee processing charges, so pay attention to that. 

See also

Each retailers and personal events promote on eBay, so that you’ll have a wide selection of things to select from.

4. Fb Market

Fb Market is usually a great spot to purchase or promote absolutely anything. The positioning is often void of charges for sellers except you’re a enterprise. 

Whether or not you wish to store or promote gadgets, it’s a straightforward website to make use of. You work together with potential consumers and sellers by way of Fb, and you’ll go to their profiles that will help you really feel extra comfy.

Individuals use Fb Market to purchase and promote regionally and for transport exterior of their speedy space. In truth, Fb affords one of many finest apps to promote your stuff.

Moreover, you need to use native swap/purchase/promote pages to make connecting with native consumers and sellers simpler. 

5. Listia

Listia home page

Listia works a bit in another way than the opposite websites listed right here. With Listia, you record your gadgets to promote for public sale.

Once they promote and also you ship the merchandise, you earn factors. You should utilize your factors to get gadgets from Listia, equivalent to free present playing cards, kitchen gadgets and extra. 

You can even earn factors whenever you purchase gadgets from somebody on the location. You’ll even get factors only for opening a free account on Listia. 

Whereas it’s a novel means to purchase and promote gadgets, it may not be the most suitable choice to earn cash quick since direct cashouts will not be an possibility.

6. Locanto

Locanto is an easy app that lets you submit advertisements free of charge and discover gadgets to purchase inside your neighborhood. 

The positioning is a categorised advertisements website, and also you’ll discover each private listings for gadgets and industrial/retail listings. It’s a fundamental website, and also you’ll doubtless come throughout extra retail posters than non-public get together posters. 

This platform has you first choose your metropolis, then breaks down classes that you may add your gadgets to or search by way of to seek out gadgets you wish to purchase. 

It’s considerably much like Craigslist in that you may additionally discover leases, jobs and personals along with shopping for or promoting gadgets.

7. Mercari

Mercari is a well-liked purchase/promote website that operates world wide. You’ll be able to record all the pieces from electronics to clothes to family items on the market on the location.

Itemizing your gadgets on the market is free on Mercari. Nonetheless, you’ll pay a ten% fee whenever you promote your merchandise on the platform. Additionally, you will pay a 2.9%+ $0.30 fee processing charge.

Be aware that you may additionally select a transport methodology with Mercari. You’ll be able to decide to have your purchaser pay transport, pay for transport your self or use Mercari’s pay as you go transport label.

Should you select to make use of Mercari’s pay as you go transport label, the price of that transport label can even be deducted from the sale worth of your merchandise. That is along with the ten% fee and the fee processing charge.

By way of security, Mercari does have scores and evaluations for customers. Additionally, members have the choice to comply with customers. 

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You should definitely assess scores, evaluations and the variety of followers when working with fellow Mercari customers to make sure you work with reliable members.

8. Poshmark

Poshmark helps you promote your name-brand clothes for males, ladies and children. You can even discover pet gadgets, dwelling gadgets, electronics and extra on the location. 

The platform’s guidelines say that you need to promote gadgets in a minimum of “good” situation. 

Poshmark will take a 20% fee on something you promote for over $15 and a $2.95 fee on gadgets that promote for beneath $15. 

Transport labels are included with Poshmark gross sales. You simply must print out the pay as you go transport label, affix it to your bundle and get it on its means.

Be taught extra: Poshmark Assessment: Is It Value It To Purchase And Promote Used Garments?

9. Swappa

Swappa is a market for purchasing and promoting used tech gear. It is among the highest-rated websites for promoting used cell telephones.

This platform tends to get greater payouts for tech sellers. As well as, consumers and sellers cut up the fee paid to Swappa. They every pay three p.c after a sale is full.

It’s vital to notice that Swappa has stringent necessities on what will be offered, and all telephones offered should be manufacturing unit reset. 

Along with telephones, you should purchase or promote gadgets like video video games, watches, cameras and drones on the platform.

10. VarageSale

VarageSale home page

VarageSale works lots like OfferUp in that there’s a important concentrate on neighborhood. Nonetheless, VarageSale takes “neighborhood” a step additional.

You might want to be part of a local people group so as to purchase and promote on VarageSale. All customers have profiles to assist individuals purchase and promote safely. 

It’s straightforward to change communities at any time or be part of multiple neighborhood close to you. Everytime you ask to hitch a neighborhood, you’ll want to attend on your request to be authorised by an admin. 

There aren’t any charges or commissions whenever you purchase or promote on VarageSale. The ultimate connection and sale are left between consumers and sellers. 


When evaluating completely different apps like OfferUp, there have been key elements we analyzed to find out the most effective choices within the area. In-depth analysis was carried out to determine the highest opponents to OfferUp.

We targeted on choices that fulfilled a minimum of a number of of the next standards:

  • Apple App Retailer ranking of 4.0 or greater
  • Repute amongst trade leaders
  • Ease of use
  • Low or no charges
  • Availability in america

We selected this system to make sure we’re doing our due diligence as we decided the most effective apps like OfferUp.

Tips on how to Use Apps Like OfferUp

There are methods to make higher use of apps like OfferUp, get sooner gross sales and earn extra money whenever you promote. Listed here are some tips about promote effectively on these platforms.

Use High quality Photographs

High quality photographs are of utmost significance when promoting on apps like OfferUp. Make certain your photographs are clear, have correct lighting and present the entire particulars of the merchandise you’re promoting.

The flawed lighting could make colours seem off and provides potential consumers an inaccurate illustration of an merchandise. 

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Additionally, you’ll want to embrace vital particulars in your photographs, equivalent to imperfections. Doing so will prevent time. 

Have a look at Competitor’s Costs

Trying on the worth factors of things which can be much like those you’re promoting is a great technique to worth your merchandise. 

Individuals typically worth too excessive or too low when utilizing apps like OfferUp. Your purpose needs to be to decide on a aggressive worth level for the merchandise you’re promoting. 

Situation, age and the present marketplace for the merchandise you’re promoting will all be elements as you utilize opponents’ costs as a information on how you need to worth gadgets.

Take into account that if you wish to promote your merchandise shortly, pricing it decrease than opponents will assist. Nonetheless, be sure to are prepared to take much less of a payout in trade for making a quick sale.

Write Detailed Descriptions

Detailed descriptions are vitally vital when promoting something on-line. Make, mannequin, colour and measurement should be included in all descriptions. 

Be particular when together with measurements of what you’re promoting. As well as, be certain your detailed descriptions embrace any imperfections.

When unsure, it’s higher to over-describe your gadgets than not share sufficient info. This will likely assist you could have fewer inquiries to reply from potential consumers, saving you time in the long term.

Be Immediate With Communications

Being immediate with communications is vital whenever you use apps like OfferUp. The longer you wait to speak with potential consumers or sellers, the extra doubtless the opposite particular person is to maneuver on to whoever is subsequent in line. 

You should definitely test your app regularly so you possibly can reply questions and reply to messages in a brief period of time. Doing so will guarantee others on the app usually tend to wish to work with you.

Additionally, contemplate turning on push notifications in your telephone so that you simply obtain alerts each time somebody contacts you about your gadgets.

Know Your Minimal Worth

You must have a set minimal worth you wish to get for all the pieces you’re contemplating promoting on an app like OfferUp. Having a set minimal worth you wish to obtain will allow you to higher negotiate as you’re employed with potential consumers.

Additionally, when selecting your minimal worth, you’ll want to contemplate transport, commissions and different fees that may deduct out of your backside line revenue. Issue these charges into the value.

Moreover, when setting your minimal worth, be certain it actually is your “I’m prepared to maintain this merchandise if I don’t get a minimum of….” worth. Promoting a minimal worth after which not being prepared to simply accept it may be unhealthy for negotiations. 


Apps like OfferUp can present nice methods to promote gadgets you not want, need or use. They will additionally present avenues for getting gadgets you do want or need at decrease costs. 

What’s higher is that utilizing an app means you possibly can record gadgets on the market and purchase gadgets proper out of your telephone. 

This implies that you may store and/or promote just about anyplace you occur to be. Use the apps listed right here to generate profits and lower your expenses in the present day.



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