Ancient people used grains, shells, and livestock as a medium for exchanging goods

Eventually, metal coins = coins that emphasize “value scale,” “durability,” “portability,” and “amount of material” will be born.

It was around 700 BC.In Europe, many coins designed with portraits of powerful people are distributed

While in Japan, bronze coins and gold oval coins with holes centered around the holes for strings are widely used as coins.

And nowadays, the attractiveness of “collection” has been newly added to the functions of money, “payment”, “value scale”, “storage”, and “medium of exchange”. number of collectors who are attracted to the artistry and rarity of metal coins = coins is increasing all over the world.

The reason of Collectible Coins, a long-established coin dealers in Collectible, said, “Collecting old coins is the same as collecting” historical evidence”.

The history and culture of each coin, after understanding the artistry and the excitement of encountering rare coins is immeasurable.

I think that romance is what makes coin collection so attractive and decisively different from other collections.

In addition, coins with high historical value are traded as valuable worldwide.

So “it is a valuable collection as an asset that will be passed down from generation to generation.”



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There are many coins in the world, and it is difficult to find a coin that suits your collection style.

First of all, I would like to visit “Collectible  Coins” to determine my own collection style.

“Collectible Coin” is a specialty store that has been a money dealer for 50 years since its establishment in 1968.

It handles a wide variety of coins in Japan and overseas.

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Coin collectors are broadly divided into “foreign coins” and “Japanese coins”.

The modern gold coins issued from the Meiji era to the Taisho era are popular among the Japanese coin sect.

The number of old 20-yen gold coins issued in the 3rd, 9th, 10th, and 13th years of the Meiji era is small and the value is high.

In particular, only 29 Meiji 10-year inscriptions have been issued.

It is said that the current market price will be 40 million yen or more if the condition is good.

The appeal of coin collection is that you can collect coins according to the times and types of coins, arrange the year numbers, and decide your own theme.



There are three points for collecting coins that “Collectible Coins” mentions. First is “rareness”.

If the number of issued coins is small, the scarcity value tends to be high.

When a large number of coins are issued, the number of existing coins may be reduced.

The value may be increased by crushing them into bullions when they are recast.

In other words, both the “issued number” and the “existing number” are important in determining the rarity.

And “state (grade)” is also an important factor.

Judging by the degree of scratches and wear on the surface of the coin, the better the condition is closer to the time of issuance, the higher the value.

Furthermore, “design” is involved in these two.

No matter how rare and in good condition a coin is, its price (= value) will not rise unless it is popular with collectors.

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At the actual Collectible Coins store, you can actually pick up coins from the abundant lineup and check these three points.




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