Maintaining Your Property- How to Give Your Kitchen a ‘Glow Up’.

Maintaining Your Property- How to Give Your Kitchen a ‘Glow Up’.

Maintaining Your Property- How to Give Your Kitchen a ‘Glow Up’.



Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your property. Not only is it where you spend time preparing delicious meals, but it also a hub for socialising- and if your property is on the market then it’s bound to be one of the most sought after features of the property.

Kitchen interior design is becoming increasingly popular, with the kitchen not only serving as a functional space but as a room which homeowners wish to be well-designed and fashionable.

However, just like any busy part of the home, your kitchen can be left in a messy state or looking worse for wear- especially if you haven’t had the time or budget to keep updated with renovations.

If you’re wondering “how can I sell my house fast?”, perhaps updating and maintaining your kitchen is a great place to start. Here at We Buy Any House we have compiled our best tips to get your kitchen looking the best it can be.


Update Your Lighting:

If truth be told, lighting can make or break any room- and the kitchen is no exception. Updating the lighting can refresh the entire space, make it easier to work in, and create an inviting atmosphere for family, friends and other guests to come and spend time in.

Additionally, not only will the lighting in your kitchen space look better- but it’s a great opportunity to enhance the design of your kitchen as there are so many styles of light fixtures.

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Clean While You Wait:

A great way to stay on top of maintaining your kitchen is to pick up small tips and tricks that will ensure your kitchen is looking spotless at all times.

If you ever find yourself waiting around in the kitchen, whether that be for food to cook or the kettle to boil, why not utilise the time wisely and give some surfaces a quick wipe down or hoover the floor? By doing a little and often you will save yourself a day of labour intensive work.


Upgrade Your Metals:

Although we tend to keep up with most kitchen interior design ideas- such as flooring, lighting and colour schemes- something that is massively overlooked are the metals used throughout your kitchen.

In present times, manufacturers are releasing innovatively designed for drawer pulls and lighting fixtures- so that you can stray from the typical and outdated designs.

Modern kitchens now tend to include matte aluminum, stainless steel, copper and brushed gold- so finding something modern that matches your overall design can work wonders for your kitchen.


Have a Designated Place for Everything:

More often than not, kitchens are one of the most cluttered rooms in the house. We tend to stock up on unnecessary items- which can leave our kitchens overrun, and homeowners in a sense of despair when they have to go through the rigmarole of organising the area.

Having an organised kitchen is a great way to add some structure to the room, and in addition to this a lack of clutter will also let the design of the kitchen speak for itself, in addition to allowing you to make renovations easily.

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Modernise Your Countertops:

Your countertops take up most of your kitchen space, and therefore are the thing that attracts people when they walk in, Furthermore, your kitchen countertops can also be the make or break of a property sale- as like we have previously said, the kitchen is a sought-after room in any property.

The options for countertops are endless, from solid surfacing varieties that incorporate stone such as marble and granite, to more heavy-duty materials such as brick, concrete and tile.

Adding new countertops to your kitchen will not only modernise your property, but act as an investment in terms of renovations, as if chosen correctly, the right material can be timeless and durable.


Add Seating:

As your kitchen is a place to socialise, it’s a good idea to have some seating in the busiest space in the house. Modern kitchens embrace the addition of seating, as it provides a more homely feel to the room- rather than the space solely being used just for cooking. Whether you add countertop stools for your kitchen island, or a banquette or bench near a window side table- seating can add a whole new element to the room- and let visitors or prospective buyers know that your kitchen is a multi-functional space- which will only increase its appeal.


Open Up Your Walls:

A kitchen with a lot of storage is useful and practical- however have you ever thought about the design implications that come with it? Upper cabinetry can disrupt the lack of natural light that enters the kitchen, so you may want to consider removing it and transforming the space using open shelving.

Open shelving is a great alternative to store everyday dishes, spices, cookbooks and serving platters- and is actually a lot more convenient than having cupboards.

If you’re not keen on the idea of open shelving, perhaps doorless cupboards are a great happy medium.

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Add Decoration:

Even if your kitchen is solely used for cooking, it’s still a part of the home, and therefore needs some decoration.

It’s a fantastic space to add elements that are suited to your personality and interior design, and can bring some life to the room.

Things such as plants, decorative cookbooks and little ornaments or heirlooms are a great way to showcase possessions in the kitchen, and are excellent if you have glass cupboards of open shelving. If you have a neutral colour scheme, consider adding things such as a bowl of lemons to give the room a pop of colour.





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